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(fam.) to wipe the floor/the ground with smb.a da de-a dura pe cineva
(sound) stage, floorplatoucinema
1. (pe cineva) to strike/to stretch/to fell smb. to the ground; to knock smb. down; to floor smb.; (a ucide) to kill smb.; (fam.) to do smb. for/in. 2.a culca la pământ
1. on the ground floor; downstairs 2. (la personalul de serviciu) below parter
area; threshing floor/groundarie
battery floor standplatformă de acumulatoare
boarded floor (-ing)dusumea(de scinduri)
bottom floor(nav) varangă-cadru
bridge floor(ing)tablier de pod
cab floorsfârşit de cursă la ascensoare
charging floor(met) platformă de încărcare a furnalului
court day; <~ ambiguu>equivocal/ambiguous term; <~ de botanica>botanical term; <~ familiar>familiar term; <~ figurat>figurative term; <~ invechit>archaism; <~ invechit>obsolete word sau expression; <~ juridic>law term; <~ mediu mat.>intermediate term; <~ termen
dancing floorring(de dans)
double-floor kilncuptor de uscare / uscător cu două grătare
engine-room floorplanseu al compartimentului maşinii
erecting floorplatformă de asamblare
finishing floor(met) secţie de finisare / de ajustaj
firing floorplanşeu de ardere (la focar)
first floor; down-stairsparter
flagstone floordalaj
flooretaj(privit din interior)
floorfund interior; podea
floor beamgrindă de planşeu
floor boarddulap, scândură pentru duşumea
floor boardpodea(scindura de ~)
floor boardpodina
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