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a tasteless and odorless high protein food additive made from ground fish which is suitable to be consumed by humansfpc (fish protein concentrate)
abattoir, establishment where animals are butchered for foodslaughterhouse
ability to grow, intensity, legal validity, physical strength; ability to survive (as of plants and animals); energy, vitalityvigor
ability to produce offspring, creative productivity, productiveness, ability to bear young (in female animals); fertility, fruitfulnessfecundity
ability, artistic skill, be, beautiful objects, branch of art, creation by humans, creation of beautiful things, cunning, forms of creative beauty, nonscientific subjects, production and expression of esthetics, creation and expression of
able to digest animals as food, meat-eating, feeding on animal fleshcarnivorous
able to live both on land and water (of animals); able to operate both on land and water (of vehicles, aircraft or troops), aircraft or vehicle, cold-blooded vertebrate animal able to life both on land and water, land animal that breeds in wateramphibian
able to live both on land and water (of animals); able to operate both on land and water (of vehicles, aircraft or troops), living on land and in water, of mixed typeamphibious
able to speak, coherent, communicate something, eloquent, express in an articulate manner, join to allow movement, jointed, member of the Articulata, animal belonging to a subdivision of animals whose bodies and limbs are composed of segments jointed t...articulate
about animals, concerning zoology, concerning the science that deals with animals (animal life, animal research, etc.), of scientific study of animalszoological
acanthocephalan, parasitic worm with hooked spinesspiny-headed worm
accommodation for horses, place in a barn for horses or other animals, stablesstabling
according to endodontics (branch of dentistry which treats diseases of the dental pulp)endodontically
according to human experience, by human means; within the ability or experience of humankind; in a humane manner, in a way typical of humans, within the limits of human abilityhumanly
according to orthopedics (branch of surgery dealing with diseases, deformities and injuries of the bones and joints)orthopedically
accustom to household life, adapt plants and animals for humans, tame an animal, house-train, accustom to life with mankinddomesticate
accustom to killing, clean inside of animal skin, flesh and blood, flesh-color, get blood on weapon, human skin as outer surface, instruct animal by feeding, meat excluding birds and fish, meat of animals, people, physical aspect of humanity, pierce fl...flesh
accustomed to housework, not wild, raised for humans, tamed, housebroken, trained; accustomed to life with mankinddomesticated
act as a strikebreaker, cheater; strikebreaker, disease of farm animals, disease of oilseed rape, gambler who cheats, potato disease, scab, somebody who works during strikeblackleg
act of ascribing animal characteristics to a deity; use of animal forms in ornamental art, attribution of animal forms to gods, use of animals in artzoomorphism
act of chasing and capturing game animals, act of searching, chase and capture game animals; search, look for; follow after, pursue, chase animals with hounds, hound somebody, hunt in a particular place, organized group of hunters, oscillate around pos...hunt
act of chasing and herding together (of cattle, etc.); capture of suspected criminals, gathering of people or animals, summaryroundup
act of eating human flesh, animals eating own species, humans eating humanscannibalism
act of infecting with trichina (parasitic worm which lives in the intestine and whose larva encysts in muscle tissue)trichinization
act of pounding, attack continuously, avoirdupois unit of weight, beat something to pulp or powder, British unit of force, coin or bill worth a pound, common unit of currency, enclosure for stray animals, enclosure for vehicles or other goods, place fo...pound
act of providing a bed for someone; act of having sex with someone; act of embedding, arrangement of rock strata, bed coverings, bed for animals, something used as bed, under layerbedding
act of rolling about (as in dust, water, or emotions); place where animals wallow; state of degeneracy, act of wallowing, condition of depravity, depression formed by animal, have huge amount of something, heavily indulge in something, lie down and rol...wallow
act of separating; animals chosen to be butchered, choose, select; sift, separate, reduction of animal numbers, remove as worthless, remove from herd, something without valuecull
act of throwing, cast doubt or suspicion, toss; give birth to young (about animals); amaze, astonish, cover for furniture, deflection of measuring instrument, deliver a punch, direct the eyes, disconcert somebody, distance thrown, drop something carele...throw
act or process of moving from one country to another, immigration; wandering; seasonal relocation of birds or other animals in groups; moving from one platform or operating system to another (Computers), movement from one place to another, movement of ...migration
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