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(operaţie de) salvaresalvage
a acorda ajutor cuivato lend smb. assistance; to give/ to lend smb. a helping hand; to assist/to help smb.
a asista, a acorda ajutorassist
a chema în ajutor pe cinevato appeal to smb. for help; to call upon smb. for help.
a da ajutor cuivato give/to lend/to render/to yield assistance to smb.; to help smb. (out); to bring/to give/ to furnish/to supply/to afford aid to smb.; to give/to
a fi cuiva de ajutorto be helpful/of any help to smb.; to be of use to smb.; to stand smb. in good stead.
a întinde cuiva un colac de salvareto throw a rope to smb.
a întinde o mână de ajutor cuivato lend/to give smb. a helping hand; to help/to assist smb.; to bear smb. a bob.
a nu fi de nici un ajutorto be of no assistance; to be of no use/avail.
a primi ajutor de şomajbe on the dole
a primi ajutor social(fam.) to be on the dole.
a primi ajutor/subsidii/subvenţii de la statto receive a State grant.
a primi un ajutor de pauperitateto be on the parish.
a striga după ajutorto call out/to cry for help/relief/ succour; to scream (out) for help; to cry murder; (fam.) to cry blue/pink murder.
a trăi din ajutor socialto be out of benefit.
a zbiera după ajutorto scream for help.
ajuta(a da o mina de ajutor)to do smb. a good turn
ajuta(a da o mina de ajutor)to give smb. help
ajuta(a da o mina de ajutor)to lend a (helping) hand to
ajutorhelp; helping; helpfulness; aid; co-operation; collaboration
ajutorhelper; aid(er); assistant; assister; adjutor; second
ajutor al şefului mecaniclicence junior engineer
ajutor de fochistcoal passer
ajutor de maistrucharge hand
ajutor de şef mecanicassistant chief engineer
ajutor socialsocial security benefits
ajutor!help! to the rescue!
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