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(comp) cell lossセルロス
(comp) cell lossセル損失 [セルそんしつ]
(comp) cell loss priorityセル損失優先権 [セルそんしつゆせんけん]
(comp) cell loss priority, CLPセル損失プライオリティ [セルそんしつプライオリティ]
(comp) cell loss rateセル損失率 [セルそんしつりつ]
(comp) cell loss rateセル廃棄率 [セルはいきりつ]
(comp) cell loss ratioセル損失比 [セルそんしつひ]
(comp) conversion prohibition in case of loss of information情報損失を伴う変換の禁止 [じょうほうそんしつをともなうへんかんのきんし]
(comp) data lossデータ損失 [データそんしつ]
(comp) discard priority, loss priority廃棄プライオリティ [はいきプライオリティ]
(comp) environmental loss time, external loss time外因損失時間 [がいいんそんしつじかん]
(comp) low loss低損失 [ていそんしつ]
(comp) transmission loss伝送損失 [でんそうそんしつ]
(profit sheet) loss差損 [さそん]
A single seed can eventually produce a great harvest, Even the smallest beginning can generate a greatest profit, Watch the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves一粒万倍 [いちりゅうまんばい]
accumulated loss累損 [るいそん]
accumulated loss累積損失 [るいせきそんしつ]
actual profit, practical use, benefit実益 [じつえき]
advantage, benefit, profit, interest利 [り]
aliteracy, loss of interest in or shift away from reading (especially serious) books or literature活字離れ [かつじばなれ]
alopecia, loss of hair禿頭病 [とくとうびょう]
amnesia, loss of memory健忘症 [けんぼうしょう]
amount of damages or loss損害額 [そんがいがく]
annual profit年益 [ねんえき]
anticlimax, let-down, disappointment, loss of interest拍子抜け [ひょうしぬけ]
aphasia (loss of speech)失語症 [しつごしょう]
aphonia (loss of speech, due to damage to the larynx, etc.)失声症 [しっせいしょう]
at a loss for words, dumbfounded, struck dumb二の句がつげない [にのくがつげない]
at a loss for words, dumbfounded, struck dumb二の句が継げない [にのくがつげない]
bargain (sacrifice) sale, selling at a loss, dumping投げ売り [なげうり]
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