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(cooking) a medium flame or fire中火 [ちゅうび]
(imperial) wordsご沙汰 [ごさた]
(imperial) words御沙汰 [ごさた]
(light) scoring (in cooking)隠し包丁 [かくしぼうちょう]
(lineup of authors engaged in a) war of words筆陣 [ひつじん]
(ling) inflection of words (e.g. declension of nouns and conjugation of verbs)語形変化 [ごけいへんか]
(ling) parallel marker (particle used to join two or more words, i.e. "to", "ya")並立助詞 [へいりつじょし]
(ling) parallel marker (particle used to join two or more words, i.e. "to", "ya")並列助詞 [へいれつじょし]
(ling) separating words in Japanese with spaces (e.g. in kana-only books for children)分かち書き [わかちがき]
(not even) a few words片言隻語 [へんげんせきご]
(prior to the advent of kana) kanji used to represent readings of words, selected for their kun-yomi, regardless of meaning訓仮名 [くんがな]
(prior to the advent of kana) kanji used to represent readings of words, selected for their on-yomi, regardless of meaning音仮名 [おんがな]
(usu. used in compound words) being (somewhere); sitting居 [い]
(words of) praise, eulogy賞詞 [しょうし]
(words of) praise, eulogy頌詞 [しょうし]
-ian (e.g. Italian, etc.) (attaches to name of country to denote nationality), -er (e.g. performer, etc.) (attaches to name of occupation); (usu. in compound words) man, person, people人 [じん]
a few words隻句 [せっく]
a few words二言三言 [ふたことみこと]
a glib tongue (with fair words), fluent talk designed to deceive, talk something away舌先三分 [したさきさんぶ]
action before words, work before talk不言実行 [ふげんじっこう]
address (e.g. opening or closing remarks), speech, words; ci (Chinese literary form); ancillary word辞 [じ]
all kinds of malicious gossip, heaping verbal abuse (on), cursing and swearing (words)悪口雑言 [あっこうぞうごん]
almanac of seasonal words (for haiku poets), 歳時記 [さいじき]
also, too, words of similar weight; about (emphasizing an upper limit), as much as, even; more, further, other, again
American (in forming compound words), America米 [べい]
angry voice, harsh words怒声 [どせい]
art of cooking, cookery, cuisine調理法 [ちょうりほう]
at a loss for words, dumbfounded, struck dumb二の句がつげない [にのくがつげない]
at a loss for words, dumbfounded, struck dumb二の句が継げない [にのくがつげない]
baby talk (like choo-choo for train, etc.), words and speech patterns used in talkng with young children幼児語 [ようじご]
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