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(an old word for) a Japanese倭人 [わじん]
(Buddh) true word; mantra; Shingon (Sino-Japanese esoteric Buddhism, originating in the eighth century)真言 [しんごん]
(Buddh) true word; mantra; Shingon (Sino-Japanese esoteric Buddhism, originating in the eighth century)眞言 [しんごん]
(comp) enhanced (Japanese) keyboard拡張日本語キーボード [かくちょうにほんごキーボード]
(comp) implies the message being replied to is nonsensical, Can I have that in Japanese?日本語でおk [にほんごでオッケー]
(comp) Japanese (language) version, edition日本語版 [にほんごはん]
(comp) Japanese company registry service株式会社日本レジストリサービス [かぶしきがいしゃにほんレジストリサービス]
(comp) Japanese domain name日本語ドメイン名 [にほんごドメインめい]
(comp) Japanese environment日本語環境 [にほんごかんきょう]
(comp) Japanese hyphenation禁則処理 [きんそくしょり]
(comp) Japanese Industrial Standard, JISジス
(comp) Japanese localization日本語化 [にほんごか]
(comp) Japanese mode日本語モード [にほんごモード]
(comp) Japanese text entry front-end program日本語入力FEP [にほんごにゅうりょくFEP]
(comp) Japanese word processor日本語ワードプロセッサ [にほんごワードプロセッサ]
(comp) kana-to-kanji conversion Japanese input method仮名漢字変換形日本文入力装置 [かなかんじへんかんがたにほんぶんにゅうりょくそうち]
(defunct, Japanese) religious census宗門改め [しゅうもんあらため]
(food) horse-head fish (Japanese branquillo), tilefish甘鯛 [あまだい]
(food) monosodium glutamate (brand name); Ajinomoto (Japanese food additive company), MSG味の素 [あじのもと]
(in Japanese architecture) transom欄間 [らんま]
(in Japanese history) crude warrior from the eastern parts of the country東夷 [あずまえびす]
(in Japanese history) crude warrior from the eastern parts of the country東夷 [とうい]
(in Japanese history) crude warrior from the eastern parts of the country, wild man荒夷 [あらえびす]
(in) each of the houses of the Japanese parliament衆参各院 [しゅうさんかくいん]
(Japanese) acid clay酸性白土 [さんせいはくど]
(Japanese) Agency for Cultural Affairs文化庁 [ぶんかちょう]
(Japanese) Anti-Prostitution Law (of 1956)売春防止法 [ばいしゅんぼうしほう]
(Japanese) Anti-Subversive Activities Act破防法 [はぼうほう]
(Japanese) Anti-Subversive Activities Act破壊活動防止法 [はかいかつどうぼうしほう]
(Japanese) archery弓術 [きゅうじゅつ]
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