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(Buddh) essence of all things; noumenon理体 [りたい]
(anything and) everything, all sorts of things何でもかでも [なんでもかでも]
(Buddh) "Does a dog have Buddha nature?" (classic Zen koan)狗子仏性 [くしぶっしょう]
(Buddh) ("like this"; often the opening word of a sutra); ten thusnesses (in Tendai)如是 [にょぜ]
(Buddh) (dharma-body of) Vairocana本地身 [ほんじしん]
(Buddh) (in Tendai) threefold truth (all things are void; all things are temporary; all things are in the middle state between these two)三諦 [さんたい]
(Buddh) (in Tendai) threefold truth (all things are void; all things are temporary; all things are in the middle state between these two)三諦 [さんだい]
(Buddh) (pair of) bellows; lungs (of the body)鞴韜 [たたら]
(Buddh) (pair of) bellows; lungs (of the body)鞴韜 [フクトウ]
(Buddh) (sense of) crushing evil破邪 [はじゃ]
(Buddh) (sense of) crushing evil and spreading the truth破邪顕正 [はじゃけんしょう]
(Buddh) (the path of spiritual) enlightenment悟道 [ごどう]
(Buddh) 84000; many八万四千 [はちまんしせん]
(Buddh) a weight鎮 [しず]
(Buddh) a weight; temple supervisor; town (of China)鎮 [ちん]
(Buddh) Acala, Acalanatha Vidya-raja, The Immovable, a manifestation of Mahavairocana不動明王 [ふどうみょうおう]
(Buddh) acquaintanceship; vijnana (consciousness); (after a signature) written by...識 [しき]
(Buddh) action, speech and thought身口意 [しんくい]
(Buddh) adarsa-jnana (great-perfect-mirror wisdom, wisdom clearly elucidating all things)大円鏡智 [だいえんきょうち]
(Buddh) admonition, commandment; sila (precept)戒 [かい]
(Buddh) advaitam (non-duality)不二 [ふに]
(Buddh) Akasagarbha (bodhisattva)虚空蔵菩薩 [こくうぞうぼさつ]
(Buddh) alaya-vijnana (store consciousness, consciousness forming the base of all human existence)阿頼耶識 [あらやしき]
(Buddh) all existing things (formed and formless)諸法 [しょほう]
(Buddh) all worldly phenomena, meritorious acts leading to enlightenment; (Jodo school) all practices other than recitation of the nembutsu prayer (practises)諸行 [しょぎょう]
(Buddh) amen, hail南無 [なむ]
(Buddh) Amitabha阿弥陀 [あみだ]
(Buddh) Amoghapasa (manifestation of Amalokitesvara)不空羂索観音 [ふくうけんさくかんのん]
(Buddh) Amoghapasa (manifestation of Amalokitesvara)不空羂索観音 [ふくうけんじゃくかんのん]
(Buddh) animal realm; unforgivable action, indefensible lifestyle; incest畜生道 [ちくしょうどう]
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