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used articlerabljeni proizvod
articlegramatički član
articlepisani članak
Article 8 is amended to readčlanak 8. mijenja se i glasi
article of apparelodjevni predmet
class of articleklasa proizvoda
complete articleproizvod u cijelosti
declaration concerning Article 120izjava o članku 120.
definite articleodređen član
dictionary articlerječnički članak
disciplines stipulated by Article 70pravila određena člankom 70
disciplines stipulated by Article 70pravila određena člankom 70.
documents referred to in Article 17isprave iz članka 17.
entry articlenatuknički članak
established under Article 110osnovan na temelju članka 110
established under Article 110osnovan na temelju članka 110.
established under Article 110temeljem članka 110
established under Article 110temeljem članka 110.
household articlekućanski predmet
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used article தடித்த சங்கிலித்தையல் (British) destroy, annihilate; strike suddenly, make a surprise assault, opening allowing drainage from building, opening for draining water from deck, opening for draining water from the deck of a ship (Nautical), sink ship, wreck or ruin something enterotoksini aripă / limbă de antrenare, coadă (la scule); (met) cârlig (la unelte) be very angry, be very hot, brawl, broiled food, cook by direct heat, roast, grill; be grilled or roasted; burn, cook using direct heat, quarrel, dispute, row, take part in brawl, use of direct heat (he is) a lucky dog; everything turns up trumps with him. ஏற்புச் சோதனை / சேர்க்கைத் தேர்வு 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, female member of a religious order (especially Catholic), kind of pigeon, religious woman காற்றுச் சுழ‌லி, காற்றிலிருந்து மின்சாரம் உற்பத்தி செய்யும் எந்திரம். 1. adv. safely; in safety; safe and sound. 2. interj. God bless you! good-bye! (fam.) so long! வினை, செயல் (நடவடுக்கை) நிறை அலைவெண் கடத்து வடிச்சுற்று blackmail, use of intimidation or force in order to obtain something (money, information, etc.), excessive charging, getting something by force, obtaining something by illegal threats pierdere de debit în ventilator ebullicion to come across/upon smth.; to hit upon smth. at a venture. the accumulation of wealth is followed by an increase of care and by an appetite for more. The one who seeks for much will ever be in want of much. It is best with him to whom God has given that which is sufficient, though every satisfaction be withheld ( பின் பிட்யூட்டரி சுரக்ககும் இளக்கி இயக்குநீர் தொகுத்த காப்பு வால்வு ultrasonic thickness gage குஞ்சுப் பொரிப்புக் குளங்கள் கதிரியக்க வாயு எண்ணி upitnik to give smb. a trial/a try-out; to put smb. to the proof/the test/the touch; to put smb. through a test/his facings/(fam.) his paces; to put smb. to trial; - la grea ~ to put smb. through the mill/an ordeal. 1. sport not to score; to have no score. 2. (la cărţi) to score no tricks; nu s-a marcat nici un punct there was no score; (the score was) nil to nil/Love all. مُتَهَدِّد; مُتَوَعِّد; مُهَدِّد கட்டளை/ஆணைவழி இயங்கு மென்பொருள் successor, heir, heiress enriched; rich; well-off கல்லீரல் போர்ட்டல் மண்டலம் pincers; nippers; pliers; collet chunk inklinacja; predylekcja; przechył (pot.) அதிர்ச்சி சிகிச்சை, உளப்பிணி அதிர்ச்சி ஊக்க சிகிச்சை act of fetching, apparition of living person, arrive somewhere by boat, cause to come, distance wind travels unobstructed, draw in breath, go after and bring back; call, gather; charm; deliver a blow; bring forth (sound, sigh, etc.); inhale; execute; b... 1. to drop from the sky; to come unexpectedly/out of the blue. 2. (a nu putea înţelege) to fall from the moon. aneroid barometer (Mathematics, Physics) quantity with magnitude and no direction, of or pertaining to a scalar, quantity with magnitude but not direction (fam.) to send smb. away with a flea in his ear; to give smb. a thrashing/(fam.) a good hiding/(fam.) beans/(fam.) what-for. lugar deserto அயன்மகரந்தச்சேர்க்கை (cu dat.) to stimulate...; to give an impetus to...; to give a push to...; to give a stimulus to... dark reddish-purple, desirable, fruit of the plum tree, small fruit tree, something choice, type of fruit; good position, good job (Slang) American corporation headquartered in New York, operator of soft drink and snack food companies worldwide (including Pepsi Cola and Frito Lay) short-stemmed pipe for smoking (fam.) glum. half seas over; in liquor; the worse for liquor. நாவாரங்கொண்ட இடுப்பு வளையம் avarii / căderi ale aceluiaşi element în situaţii similare, cu acelaşi mecanism de distrugere şi care sunt mult mai frecvente decât viteza estimată de avarie அசை போடும் விலங்கினம் to have no bearing on the subject; to have no reference to the matter; to be foreign to the question.