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worthy of endorsement, deserving of commendationrecommendable
(about printed material) can be published, can be produced and distributed; suitable for publication, worthy of production and distributionpublishable
1,000 dollars, grand piano, grand piano; one thousand dollars (Slang), impressive, large, impressive; dignified; fancy, magnificent, splendid, wonderful; chief, main, outstanding, principal, worthy of respectgrand
abhorrent, loathsome, hateful, worthy of being hateddetestable
ability, be worthy of, be eligible for; deserve, facts of a case, good quality, spiritual credit, value, value; character or accomplishment that commends praise; excellence; state of being worthy of appreciationmerit
able to be charged, capable of being impeached, liable to be impeached; accusable, worthy of a criminal trialimpeachable
able to be classed, capable of being categorized, deserving treatment as sensitive informationclassifiable
able to be guaranteed; able to be authorized; confirmable; insane, legally able to be committed to an insane asylum, requiring psychiatric treatment, worthy of certificationcertifiable
able to be instructed, teachable; deserving of discipline; subject to disciplinary actiondisciplinable
able to be printed, worthy of being printed, able to be publishedprintable
able to be seen, fit to be watched, visible, able to be seen; worthy of being watchedviewable
absurdity, ludicrousness, preposterousness, state of being worthy of ridiculeridiculousness
absurdly, ludicrously, laughably, in a manner that is worthy of ridiculeridiculously
acceptable in appearance, large enough, morally above reproach, satisfactory, worthy of respect, honorable, worthy of esteemrespectable
act of indorsing; signature on a document (as in a check or bill); approval, sanction, confirmation (also endorsement)indorsement
adequate, approved of, satisfactory, worthy of acceptance; admissible, suitable; bearable, tolerable, welcomeacceptable
admirable, commendable, laudable, deserving praise, deserving compliments, deserving accoladespraiseworthy
admirable, worthy of adoration; cute, delightful, charming, very pleasingadorable
adorability, being worthy of admiration, being worthy of reverenceadmirability
affected by poverty, deficient, deserving pity, indigent, poor; miserable, woeful; wretched, pitiable; deficient, lacking, inferior, lacking productive potential, lacking skill, low in valuation, low or inadequate, not rich, people who are poor, people...poor
allowed by rules to catch a football, marriageable, qualified, somebody or something eligible, suitable, worthy ofeligible
arousing compassion, moving; pitiful, pathetic, wretched, deserving pity, full of pitypiteous
arousing jealousy, causing envy; excellent, worthy of envy, highly desirableenviable
ashamed of wrongdoing, causing guilt, deserving of punishment, culpable, officially found responsible for crime, responsible for wrongdoing, showing guiltguilty
attractive, somebody or something desired, worthwhile, worth having, worthy of desiredesirable
award winner, crowned with laurel, deserving honor, made of laurel, one who has been honored or received an award for outstanding achievement in a particular field; poet laureate, worthy of honor, deserving recognition; crowned with laurels as a mark o...laureate
be appropriate, be; turn into; be worthy of; be suitable, come to be somethingbecome
be worthy of, have a right to, meritdeserve
be; turn into -; be worthy of -; be suitablebecoming (become)
being worthy of damnation; detestabilitydamnability
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