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without ability; inadequately, incompetently, without the necessary skillincapably
(about God) divine omniscience, state of being all-knowing; foreknowledge; foresight, ability to foresee future events, advance knowledge of thingsprescience
(British) with skill, proficiently, adeptly expertly masterfullyskilfully
(Computers) ability to carry out more than one process simultaneously; parallel processing, simultaneous use of several computers for processing tasks, use of multiple computer programming unitsmultiprocessing
(Medicine) serving to reduce the ability to feel pain (of drugs); (Pathology) causing lack of feeling (of a disease), anestheticanaesthetic
(new zealand) supernatural force or power, magical ability, supernatural powers (Polynesian, appears also in the game "Dungeons and Dragons")mana
(Slang) great, excellent; of outstanding quality or ability, someone who has great ability, something excellent; corn confection, sweet corn snackcrackajack
(symbol) ) rho, ability to resist, ability to resist; resistance, quality of a conductor which resists an electrical current (Electricity), electrical resistance of a standard-length substance, specific resistance (resistivity
(symbol) ) sigma, ability to transmit electricity, conductance (, property or power of conducting (heat, etc.), transmission of nerve impulsesconductivity
(symbol) epsilon, ability to emit (Physics), relative ability to emit radiationemissivity
(symbol) epsilon, electrical storage abilitypermittivity
(symbol) mu, magnetic property, penetrability, ability to be permeated, ability to be entered, permeable nature, rate substance passes through porous mediumpermeability
ability of a photographic material to duplicate the transition at a boundary in the original imageacutance
ability of a vehicle to travel comfortably and stably over varying road conditions, degree of driving comfortroadability
ability of an organism to withstand only minor temperature fluctuations (Biology)stenothermy
ability of being enlarged, expandability, stretchabilitydistensibility
ability of embryo to grow normally, according to the rules, government order with force of law, officially approved for use, regulating of something, rule or order, statute, law; act of controlling, management, direction; state of being controlled, sta...regulation
ability of object to transmit electricity, conductivity, G, transmission, conduction (of electricity)conductance
ability of the body to develop immunityimmunocompetence
ability of the mind to create mental images which do not literally exist; creation of such mental images, ability to visualize, creative act, creative part of the mind, resourcefulnessimagination
ability of various elements to exist in place of one another within a lattice form, isomorphism (Crystallography), replacement of elementdiadochy
ability or capacity to do something, authority to act, control and influence, electricity, energy to drive machinery, important country, intended for business success, magnifying ability, measure of rate of doing work, move energetically, number of mul...power
ability or willingness to fight, battle, combat; wrestle; quarrel; boxing match; desire to do battle, battle; combat; wrestle; advance through great effort, box against somebody, carry on battle or contest, go to war, oppose something, struggle, strugg...fight
ability to absorb color (Cytology)stainability
ability to absorb ideas, ability to digest food, breaking down, process by which the body breaks down and absorbs food, processing of food in bodydigestion
ability to accept two conflicting thoughts at once, acceptance of opposing beliefsdoublethink
ability to achieve something, control, grip, clasp, hold; understanding, knowledge, realization, hand grip, hold something, hold tight, grip; grab hold; understand, comprehend, take an opportunity, take hold of something, try to take hold of something,...grasp
ability to acquire knowledge, awareness, perception, knowledge acquiredcognition
ability to acquire richesMidas touch
ability to act on your own, advantageous position, beginning, introductory, initial, enterprise, drive, ambition; beginning move in a process, first step, introductory step, of initiation, plan, proposal of legislation by citizens, right to introduce n...initiative
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