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very exciting, vibratingthrilling
absurd, angry, causing controversy, close, current or topical, desire, eager, exciting, in an elevated energy state, infectious or lethal, intense, intense or violent, intensely, inventive and exciting, keen, knowledgeable, live, lucky, near the
act of causing excitement, stimulation; excited state, stimulated state, activity caused by stimulation, application of signal making transistor operate, being excited, exciting, production of magnetic field, raising energy of atom from lowestexcitation
act of vibrating; process of being vibrated; single oscillation; atmosphere intuitively sensed, feelings projected by someone (Slang), atmosphere of a place, feelings communicated subconsciously, instance of vibrating, process of vibrating, repetitive ...vibration
activity, something that is being done; energetic or vigorous activity; movement, motion; effect; lawsuit; combat, doing something toward goal, events, exciting or profitable activity, fighting during war, force, function or influence, legal proceeding...action
affecting, of emotional expression, relating to or exciting the emotions, expressing emotion, sentimentalaffective
altering perceptions, extremely excitingmind-blowing
amazingly, exciting wonder, incredibly; wonderfully, in an amazing manner (Archaic), marvelouswondrous
animated, brilliant in color, energetic and full of life; animated, vivacious; exciting, bustling with activity; sharp and clear (as of memories); vivid; striking, effective; brisk, energetically, in an active manner, vigorously, enthusiastic, full of ...lively
any of a class of musical instruments in which a vibrating mass of air produces the initial soundaerophone
any of several varieties of tall marsh grass; thin piece of wood or plastic placed on the mouthpiece of reed instruments (the air flow causes it to vibrate and create sound), grass plant, musical instrument, stalk of reed, unit of length, vibrating par...reed
any of various instruments causing a vibratory action; device for vibratory massage; vibrating electrical device used for sexual stimulation, device converting direct to alternating current, something that vibrates, vibrating devicevibrator
aromatic plant substance used as flavoring, aromatic vegetable substance used to season food, flavoring; aromatic odor, fragrance; something which adds zest or interest, exciting or interesting thing, flavor with a spice, add a spice to; add zest to, m...spice
artificially good-looking, exciting and desirableglamorous; glamourous
attack with words, energy, excitement; something lively; sharp whistling sound, lively and exciting quality, make a humming noise, move quickly; make a sharp whistling sound, sharp singing soundzing
bars in front of fire, bars over opening, fireplace, irritate, make into or become small pieces, make noise of rubbing or vibrating, metal framework which holds burning fuel (in a fireplace, furnace, etc.); network of parallel metal bars or wires, grat...grate
be carried out, begin sounding or vibrating, depart, detonatego off
be opened; open; open fire; pick up speed, become or make something more exciting, make a vehicle go faster, make an opening in something, make something accessible, open business for the day, remove a cover or obstruction from, speak freely, start up
beating or throbbing; excitingpulsating
being excited, exciting event, exciting something, state of being excited; agitation; something which excites or stirs upexcitement
blast something with dynamite, blow up with dynamite; mine or charge with dynamite, powerful explosive, type of explosive, very dangerous or harmful thing, very exciting or powerful thingdynamite
bold undertaking, dare, participate in an exciting experience; endanger oneself, put oneself at risk, escapade, exciting experience; risky undertaking, financial speculation, involvement in bold undertakingsadventure
brief hissing sound, compress a file, fasten with zipper, go or move very fast, lively and exciting quality, make or move with hissing sound, move with a sharp hissing sound; move or accomplish speedily; fasten with a zipper; add zest, enliven;
bright, pulsating with energy, filled with action; lively, stimulating; characterized by rapid movement, vibrating; resonating; bright, resonantvibrant
busy, full of events; momentous, interesting or exciting, meaningfuleventful
buzz, rapid rustling (e.g. of a bird´s wings), rustle rapidly, make a whirling or vibrating sound, whirrwhir
capable of making somebody drunk, causing intoxication, causing drunkenness, inebriating; poisonous; excitingintoxicating
capable of vibratingvibratile
capable of vibrating; characterized by vibration, causing vibration, vibrativevibratory
careless and reckless, carelessly, exciting, excitingly, slap-bang, sudden and noisy, violentlyslam-bang
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