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(British) destroy, annihilate; strike suddenly, make a surprise assault, opening allowing drainage from building, opening for draining water from deck, opening for draining water from the deck of a ship (Nautical), sink ship, wreck or ruin somethingscupper
1930s dance, catch fly balls, chase away, dance the shag, have sexual intercourse (British Slang); cause wear and tear, layered haircut, long pile on textile, long-piled carpet, make rough, matted tangle of hair, provide with shaft, retrieve, rough and...shag
a rush or run, coal container, destroy something, move with short fast steps, run or move quickly, scamper, scurry; cause a ship to sink by opening or creating holes in its hull, quick movement, scurry; hatch on the deck or side of a ship; container fo...scuttle
a union of western European countries, established in 1960 to eliminate trade tariffs between member states (EFTA)European Free Trade Association
act of drawing, act of drawing; attraction; lottery; contest which ends in a tie (Sports); natural channel, gully, allow a current of air through, approach, arrive at a conclusion or inference, attract people, attract; pull; pull out; sketch, depict wi...draw
act of inhaling, breathing in; sound made when breathing in; powdered tobacco that is inhaled through the nose; burnt end of a candle wick, amount of snuff, destroy something, extinguish flame, inhale something, breathe in through the nose; sniff, smel...snuff
act of killing, carrying out, deal with something quickly, despatch, kill somebody, news report, official message, send off quickly; dismiss; eliminate; kill; conclude with speed and efficiency, send somebody away to do something, send something, sendi...dispatch
act of pinching or pulling with a jerk; sharp pluck; action of administering fine adjustments (to a mechanism, etc.), adjust something slightly, pinch or pull with a jerk; pluck sharply; administer fine adjustments (to a mechanism, sharp pinch, slight ...tweak
act of pulling something along, act of towing, act of dragging or pulling with a rope or chain, fibers, pull something, something that pulls, state of being pulled alongtow
act of setting on fire; flame, blaze; gunshot; bonfire; glow; excitement; passion, bake in a kiln, command to shoot, continuous attack, destroy with fire, destructive burning of something, discharge bullet, discharge from guns, dismiss from a job; set
act of stretching; condition of being stretched; large expanse; stretchiness, elasticity; duration of time; period of imprisonment, be enough, challenge, draw out to the full length, extend, elongate; be extended; reach out; pull, make taut; strain; be...stretch
act of sucking something, act of sucking; sound produced by sucking; something that is is sucked, be very bad, draw into the mouth using the lips and tongue; draw in, pull in; place in the mouth and draw upon; cause to dissolve in the mouth; be repulsi...suck
act of swallowing; gulp, drink, mouthful (of food, liquid, etc.); any of a number of migratory birds having long pointed wings and a forked tail, act of taking something down throat, amount passed down throat, believe something, destroy something, endu...swallow
act of tugging, instance of dragging or pulling; struggle; device for tugging or pulling; tugboat, chain or strap for hauling, make laborious effort, pull at or move something, tow, strong pull, struggle or contest, tow ship, vehicle that pulls anothertug
act of wasting, destroy something, destroyed area, exhaust somebody, fail to use something, food remainder, for waste, garbage, get weak or ill, kill somebody, not needed, rejected from body, rock associated with a mineral, speak pointlessly about some...waste
act or habit of destruction, completely wreck or damage something, damaging effects, ruin, devastation, rob, plunder, pillage; destroy, demolish, wreck and plunder a placeravage
action to hinder, damage something, deliberate destruction, hinder something, malicious damage or disruption (usually caused by a person within the organization), maliciously destroy, intentionally damage or disruptsabotage
add things together, amount to total, entire, complete, absolute, kill somebody or destroy something, overall, sum, sum up, come to, sum; whole, used for emphasistotal
affect or afflict, fill somebody with love, hit hard, strike; defeat; attack, destroy; afflict; affect strongly (as with guilt, remorse, etc.)smite
affect plant with blight, cause of blight in plants, destroy, ruin; cause to wither and die (of a plant), destructive force, disease, plague, scourge; affliction, destruction, plant disease, potato blight, ruined stateblight
agree to sex, annoy somebody, cause inconvenience, eliminate player, extinguish light or fire, irritated, make something known, produce something, retire somebody, set off in boat, to cause injury to somethingput out
Alaskan malamute, large Alaskan breed of dog often used to pull sleds, malemute, working dogmalamute
amaze; defeat in a contest; final punch (Boxing); hit someone so hard that they lose consciousness, defeat opposing boxer with punch, eliminate opponent from tournament, make somebody unconscious by hitting, make something useless, please or impress so...knock out
amputate a limb; cause a deformity, deface; pervert, distort; destroy, damage something seriously, remove or destroy body part, ruin something by removing partsmutilate
amuse somebody, kill somebody, murder, slaughter; destroy, exterminate; overwhelm, captivate (Slang)slay
analyze by dividing into parts, be divisible into elements, become or make emotional, decompose chemically, experience electrical insulation failure, experience or cause health collapse, fail to function properly, stop resisting, tear down, weakenbreak down
andiron, bother somebody persistently, canine, carnivorous animal from the family Canidae (especially the domesticated variety commonly kept as pets, trained to hunt, pull sleds, etc.); despicable or cowardly person (Informal), contemptible person,
animal disease, destroy, cause decay; injure, develop canker, evil, make or become corrupt, plant disease, sore; plant disease; rotcanker
annihilate, destroy, exterminate, obliterate, get rid of something completelyeradicate
annoy another, anxiousness, be concerned; make concerned; annoy, harass; tear meat with the teeth (e.g. dogs); advance through great effort, be or make anxious, cause of anxiety, concern; fear; misfortune, distress; source of concern; ripping of meat w...worry
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