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adore, indulge, pamper, spoil; exhibit mental decline due to old age, lack clear thought, show extreme fondnessdote
animal disease, bacterial plant disease, change by decomposition, decay, putrefaction; breakdown, deterioration; nonsense, meaningless statements (Slang), putrefy, spoil; speak nonsense, utter meaningless statements, decompose, expression of disagreeme...rot
awaken, bother, interrupt; confuse; worry, cause concern; cause disorder, change shape or position, interrupt somebody, spoil peace and quiet, upset somebodydisturb
be destroyed; die; expire; wither, wilt; spoil, disappearperish
be too indulgent with somebody, excessively indulge; indulge in desires too much (in alcohol, food, etc.); spoil excessively, permit too muchoverindulge
become boring, frequently heard and boring, kept too long, legally expired, livestock urine, lose effectiveness, lose freshness, low in oxygen, make or become stale, dry out, spoil, not fresh, moldy, spoiled; musty; trite, hackneyed; tired, weary, not ...stale
become or make worse, spoil; decline; become worsedeteriorate
befuddle, muddle, confuse; become confused; spoil, become rotten; make rottenaddle
booty, spoil, plunder; money (Slang), lot of presents or purchases, rob and destroy, steal, despoil, spoils of war or riot, steal loot from, stolen goodsloot
botch, mismanage, screw up; do inferior work, failure; poor workmanship, mistake, spoil somethingbungle
boy or man that is used to being spoiled or pampered, overprotected boy, pamper and spoil somebodymollycoddle
broken remains, cause of destruction, complete devastation, complete failure, damage something beyond repair, decline, destroy somebody financially, destroy something, demolish; spoil, mutilate, destruction; remains of a collapsed structure; downfall, ...ruin
cause disease, enter and spread through, enter country by military force, enter for conquest or plunder, occupy; penetrate; intrude; infringe, encroach, go somewhere in numbers, grow rapidly and harmfully, spoilinvade
cause to be dishonest; pervert; spoil, taint, cause to rot, containing copying errors, containing errors, contaminate, contaminated, depraved, immoral or dishonest, introduce errors into data, make or become depraved, make or become dishonest, rotten, ...corrupt
change shape by stress, disfigure, warp, make ugly, make or become distorted, spoil something or become spoileddeform
childish person, immature animal, infant, very young child; honey, sweetie (term of endearment); childish person (Slang), smaller and younger, something regarded with affection or pride, spoil, indulge; treat like a baby, tiny, miniature, dwarf;
coagulate or make something coagulate, congeal; freeze; go sour, turn into curd, go bad or spoil somethingcurdle
confused situation, spoil or confuse somethingbollix
contaminate, contaminate; defile, profane; spoil, ruin, corrupt or defile, desecratepollute
contaminate, pollute, corrupt, mar; bring shame or dishonor upon; become tainted, corrupt somebody morally, flavor something, imperfection detracting from quality, pollute something, something detracting from purity of something, spoil, trace of someth...taint
crime of killing somebody, defeat completely, destroy, illegal killing of human being by another person with hostile intent, illegally kill another person; destroy, ruin, kill somebody brutally, kill somebody illegally, spoilmurder
damage, mutilate, spoil, deface, disfiguration; blemishmar
delouse, mess up, spoil (Slang); complicate, confuse (Slang); remove lice from, offensive term, parasitic insect, person who is worthy of contempt (Slang), small flightless parasitic insect which lives on the bodies of humans and other mammals, small i...louse
destroy the surface of; vandalize, spoil appearancedeface
dirty, soil, tarnish; taint, defile, disgrace, make dirty, spoilsully
do something to excess, exaggerate, do too much; cook too long, overcook something, spoil effect by exaggerationoverdo
drink alcohol, give debtor time to pay, give in to desire; take unrestrained pleasure in, wallow; yield to, satisfy; pamper, spoil; humor, have or permit a treatindulge
expendable; spoils rapidly; likely to spoil; mortal, perishable item, product which can rot or spoil (fruit, food etc.), spoiling easilyperishable
give excessive care, pet, spoil, coddle, pampercosset
harmful to character or behavior, tending to spoil; likely to cause dishonesty or depravitycorruptive
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