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showing self-confidenceself-confident
(Accounting) entries on a balance sheet showing tangible and intangible properties and claims against others that can be applied to cover the financial obligations of a business or of a person; complete property that a person ownsassets
(Grammar) conjunction that expresses an oppositional relationship between two items (i.e. "or" in the phrase "one or the other"), containing or related to a disjunction, contrast word, dividing, showing contrast, tending to separate; expressing an oppo...disjunctive
(Mathematics) sign for subtraction or negative value (-); lack, negative quantity, disadvantage, having detrimental effect, less, less than zero, lacking, negative; below zero, minus sign, prep. less, showing subtraction, slightly below standard level,...minus
(new england) easily managed, (new england) easygoing but not bright, dexterous, glibly facile, having pleasant disposition, intelligent, showing intelligence, well, wise, shrewd; sharp, wittyclever
(Psychology) performed through the use of a psychograph (graph showing the relative strength of personality traits)psychographic
(Yiddish) nerve, gall, audacity; self-confidence, couragechutzpa
18th Greek letter, 18th letter of the Greek alphabet, sigma hyperon, symbol showing summationsigma
a showing in a cinema, a showing on television, act of covering or camouflaging; act of filtering or sorting; concealment; division, act of partitioning; projection (of a film), protecting screens, sifted material, test for disease, wire meshscreening
a trademark for a device showing text for somebody speaking on television to readTelePrompTer
abatement, act of becoming less severe; act of showing compassionrelenting
absurd, melodramatic, showing bathos, tritebathetic
acceptance, belief that something is true, faith, confidence, trustworthinesscredence
accessible to a particular group, alert, allowing access to the inside, apart or wide, available to all registered voters, available to do business, available without limitations, be ready for new ideas, become accessible to the public, begin showing
account showing net profit or lossprofit and loss
act of giving honor, act of showing esteem or respecthonoring
act of indicating, medical sign, reading instrument, sign of something, something necessary or desirable, something which indicates, mark, signal, suggestion, symptom; act of indicating or showingindication
act of manifesting; state of being manifested; demonstration or indication or something; materialization of a spirit; public rally or demonstration, act of showing something, public demonstration, sign, visible form of divine beingmanifestation
act of mercy, grace, leniency; mildness, mildness in weather, showing mercyclemency
act of showing, act of displaying; disclosure, divulgencerevealment
act of wilting, become weak, droop or shrivel, drooping or shriveling, withering; disease in plants, lose confidencewilt
acting in falsely moralizing way, devout, religious; orthodox; sanctimonious, self-righteous, holy or sacred, praiseworthy, religiously reverent, showing due respect, virtuous and moralpious
action showing beliefact of faith
admirable, beautiful, cheerful, clear sounding, headlights, illuminated, in a bright manner, intelligent, intensely colored, luminous; shiny; radiant; cheerful; intelligent, clever; clear, promising success, showing light, with lightbright
adoring, reverential; adored, revered, distinguished, showing worshipworshipful
aesthetic, of or pertaining to appreciation of the beautiful; showing a refined sense of taste (also aesthetic)esthetic
affront, offense, rude remark or action, be offensive, injury or an injuring agent, offensive words or action, show contempt, something showing contempt, speak or act in a rude or contemptuous manner, offendinsult
ahead of the times, of the future; advanced, showing future lifefuturistic
altar cloth, at or in the front, at the front; forward; pertaining to the forehead; pertaining to a bone of the forehead, direct and forceful, façade of building, relating to forehead, relating to weather fronts, showing the front of something, toward...frontal
American Indian warrior, bold, courageous, brave people, challenge something, courageous; handsome, face onslaught of something, having or showing courage, Native N American warriorbrave
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