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ritual bath for purificationmikvah; mikveh; mikve
(Catholicism) ceremonial washing of the hands; psalm recited during the hand washing ceremony; basin and towel used during a ceremonial hand-washing, basin attached to a wall, place for washing in a monastery, religious rituallavabo
(Christianity) pertaining to baptism (ritual immersion in water, ritual application of water)baptismal
(Christianity) religious ceremony or ritual believed to have been instituted by Jesus and viewed as a symbol of grace (such as baptism, matrimony, etc.); Holy Communion, holy bread, consecrated elements of Communion, religious rite or ceremony, somethi...sacrament
(Christianity) through baptism (ritual immersion in water, ritual application of water)baptismally
a trademark for a whirlpool bath with a system of underwater jets that deliver water under pressure in order to massage and invigorate the bodyJacuzzi
act of keeping religious laws; act of keeping the biblical commandments; strictness; ritual, ceremony, compliance, observation, performance of religious ceremonies, religious ruleobservance
act of making holy, consecration; process of becoming holy; purification, act of making free from sinsanctification
act of putting oil on someone or something (often as part of a ritual)anointment
act of solemnizing; performance of a ceremony (i.e. a wedding); act of performing or observing in a ritual and formal mannersolemnization
act or ritual of reinterring, act or ritual of reburyingreinterment
actions done formally and repeatedly, book of ceremonies, ceremonial, pertaining to a formal procedure; performed as a ritual, practiced as a rite, ceremony, formal procedure; rite, established practice used in religious or other ceremonies; any behavi...ritual
activity in a muddy place, beauty treatment, healing bath of mudmudbath
advocating ritualism, advocating the practice of rites or rituals; in accordance with a rite or ritual, forming part of ritualritualistic
amount held by tub, bath, bathe, bathtub, bathtub; bowl, basin; object resembling a basin; volume that can be held by a tub; old or slow boat; band on a mast for attaching certain nautical equipment (Nautical); short and fat person (Slang), low open co...tub
annual observation of past event, annual ritual, yearly date commemorating a special event; birthdayanniversary
application of oil (often as part of rite or ritual)anointing
art and science of disease treatment and health maintenance; medication, remedy, drug; substance used for medical treatment, drug for treating illness, medical profession, ritual practice or sacred object, treatment of illness, treatment using drugsmedicine
basin-like bath which is used for washing the genital area, low basin for washing genitalsbidet
bathhot tub
bath containing foam, foam bath preparationbubble bath
bath containing sheep-dip, disinfectant for sheepsheep-dip
bath for birds, ornamental fountain or pool for birds to drink and play inbirdbath
bath for washing the feet, bathing of feet, container for washing feetfootbath
bath under spray, device that produces a spray of water droplets (for bathing); act of bathing under a spray of water droplets; brief rainfall; party at which guests give gifts to a woman who is about to be married or give birth, disagreeable group, gi...shower
bath, cleanse wound, cover something, dip something in liquid, flow along edge of something, swim or paddle in open water, take a bath, wash, wash oneself in a bath, wash in bath, washing, bathing, immersion (British)bathe
bath, container used to hold water for washing oneself, fixture for washing the bodybathtub
bath, room containing bathtub, room where the toilet and bathtub are locatedbathroom
bathe, bathhouse, bathroom, bathtub, body treatment, immersion of body, large container which holds water for bathing; washing; bathroom, liquid, take a bath, wash oneself in a bath, water in tubbath
bathtub shaped like a chair, therapeutic bathsitz bath
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