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(Slang) rough or temporary house; (Australia) Aboriginal small and roughly built hut the bush, humped; full of humps; covered with humps; hump-likehumpy
a poke, incite somebody to action, incitement to action, poke somebody or something, thrust, jab; rod, staff, long pointed instrument, poking instrument, spur, urge, goad; poke, push, thrust; stimulate, incite; energize, rouseprod
a push, abut, bang, bump; interrupt, disturb; push with the head or horns (like a goat or calf), butt joint, buttocks, cask, cigarette end, goal, hinge, mound behind target, object of ridicule or contempt, ram somebody or something, stick out, stump, s...butt
abuser, one who treats improperly, one who handles roughlymaltreater
act of hitting a baseball gently; push, butt (as with the head or horns), gentle hit of ball, hit a ball gently, middle part of sail, ram (with the head or horns); hit softly (Baseball)bunt
act of pushing or shoving; push, shove, bump, knock against others, bump; compete with; be crowded, be squeezed togetherjostle
act of rusticating; act of living in a rural area; temporary suspension from a university (British); roughly-cut bricks or stones used in a wall coveringrustication
act of straight-arming somebody, push opponent away with outstretched arm, ward off or turn asidestraight-arm
act or instance of urging, movement or thrusting force, sudden desire, push; impetus, movement caused by a push or thrust; impulse, sudden whim or desireimpulsion
advertising campaign, assist by pushing or lifting, encouragement, improve something, increase in something, increase something, push or lift from below, shove; raising, lift; incentive, raise voltage in something, raise; push; urge, shoplift, vigorous...boost
apply force or weight, push, stress, atmospheric pressure, compression, constant state of worry and urgency, exertion of force, application of weight; weight, burden, encumbrance, force per unit area, force that pushes or urges, make somebody do someth...pressure
approach a level, bit of persuasion, gentle push, gently persuade, move slowly, move something gently, nudnik, pester somebody, push slightly (especially with the elbow); prod to action by gentle pestering; move forward slowly, push somebody or somethi...nudge
argument leading to agreement, bargain, wrangle, negotiate, argue over a price or condition, cut roughly, try to settle on a pricehaggle
assault or attack somebody, criticize somebody or something fiercely, hammer, sledge-hammer; brawl, handle somebody or something roughly, intimidate, log-splitting hammer//mau-mau, pile-driving hammer, vtmau-mau, wound, crush, mutilate; behave crudely;...maul
bag, go slowly, look or search, make a hole in something, meddle, pokeweed, prod, prod with something, protrude from something, punch somebody, push into a hole, thrust; insert, stick in; hit with a fist, thrust; insertion, act of sticking in; strike f...poke
barge-pushing boat, tugboat, tug-boat, powerful boat used to pull or push large shipstowboat
behave or treat somebody roughly, play roughly, play aggressively, rowdiness, wild and aggressive play, rowdy playroughhouse
bend upper body forward, feeling, hump, hump; protrusion; feeling, premonition, piece, push or shove somebody, push out or up to create a hump, arch in a convex manner, push self forward, stoophunch
bid to push price upbid in
break open, bring about through the use of power; impose; compel; oblige; break through, push through; artificially increase the rate of growth (of plants, etc.), create a run, create by strength, effectiveness or validity, group organized to fight, in...force
build canals, direct something, flow into channel, make a canal; divert into another channel, push enemy forcescanalize
bump up and down, shake or dislodge, shake or jerk violently, shock or reminder, shove, push forcefully; jar, shake; shock mentally; hit, stun with a forceful blow; rudely interfere, interrupt; move jerkily, startle into reality, sudden blow; movement ...jolt
car, wagon; coach, carriage, carry or transport something or somebody, carry something roughly, drag or carry by force; carry or convey in a cart, horse-drawn carriage, horse-drawn vehicle carrying goods, small motorized vehicle, vehicle pushed by hand...cart
carve in a rough manner, cut roughly without smoothingroughhew
cause action, push forward, thrust, drive; move forwardpropel
cleaning rod, control somebody strictly, push something through by force, rod for loading guns, rod used to pack or clean a firearm, stern or strict overseerramrod
coarse wall covering made of mortar mixed with pebbles, cover a wall with roughcast, form something roughly, pebbled surface on walls, rough modelroughcast
common European lark noted for its habit of singing while in flight, common lark, frolic, sport, play; play roughly or boisterously, have boisterous funskylark
confuse or be confused, confuse things, confuse; mess up; soil; disturb; cause disorder; struggle through, push on, confused state, make water muddy, disorganization; confusion, mix things together in disorder, mix-up, stir an alcoholic beverage gentlymuddle
corn-popping device, push button, type of switch; pan or utensil for making popcornpopper
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