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psychotherapy emphasizing feelingsGestalt therapy
abnormally preoccupied with something; haunted by feelings of anxiety; excessively focused on, crazy aboutobsessed
about existence, basic unit of currency in Brazil (equal to 100 centavos), coin or bill worth a real, emphasizing truth, essential, former currency in Spanish-speaking countries, in terms of purchasing power, involving only real numbers, not artificial...real
absence of reason, belief in feelingsirrationalism
act of emphasizing the beats or accents that are usually not accented (Music); omission of a letter or sound from the middle of a word (Grammar); change of meter (Poetry), placing of accent on weak beat, syncopesyncopation
act of emphasizing, act of making prominent or conspicuoussignalization
act of frustrating; condition of being frustrated; aggravation, something which causes feelings of frustration; disappointment, anxiety and depression, dissatisfaction, frustrating of somebody or something, something that thwartsfrustration
act of making or becoming numb; anesthetization; loss of sense of touch and feeling, causing numbness, deadening feelings or thoughtsnumbing
act of pouring out, flow of gas through a small aperture, movement of body fluids, outpouring, outflow, something poured out, unrestrained outpouring of feelingseffusion
act of punctuating writing, marks used to organize writing, system of symbols used to divide or clarify text (such as !, ?, ", etc.); act of placing punctuation marks within text; vocalization; act of emphasizing, use of punctuationpunctuation
act of smoothing, act of smoothing; part or place that is free from irregularities and roughness, even out roughness, frictionless, hairless, insincerely convincing, lessen bad feelings, level, not rough, flat; free from obstacles, unhindered; calm, se...smooth
act of suppressing, repression; stoppage, avoidance of thoughts and feelings, cessation of bodily function, developmental failure, diminishing of oscillation, forceful prevention, removal of symptoms, reversal of mutation, see also:immunosuppression, s...suppression
act of vibrating; process of being vibrated; single oscillation; atmosphere intuitively sensed, feelings projected by someone (Slang), atmosphere of a place, feelings communicated subconsciously, instance of vibrating, process of vibrating, repetitive ...vibration
affair that should involve somebody, be interesting or important to somebody, be on the subject of, business, caring feelings, interest; affect, involve; worry, involve somebody or get involved, make somebody worried, object, worry or something causing...concern
affecting feelings of others, caused by bacteria, causing infection, causing infection; contagious, can be passed from one person to another; contaminating, polluting, communicableinfectious
affecting feelings, capable of infecting, infectious, tending to cause or spread diseaseinfective
African American spirit, anyone, essence, feelingssoul
agitation caused by strong feelings, heightened feeling, sentimentemotion
alert, not sleeping, arouse feelings, arouse somebody, aware of something, become or make somebody aware, emerge from sleep, not asleep, wake, arouse (someone); be woken up, be aroused (i.e. from sleep)awake
anger at being let down, annoy; disappoint; cause feelings of annoyance or disappointment; humiliate, annoyance; disappointment; humiliation, vex through frustrationchagrin
anxious feelings, buildup of suspense, device controlling tightness of thread, pulling force, sense of different elements conflicting, stress from tension, tautness, strain, nervousness, agitation, apprehension, excitement, uneasy feeling in relationsh...tension
appealing to tender feelings, appealing to the emotions; nostalgic, romantic; overly emotional, corny, expressing deep feeling, mawkish in expression, mawkish in feelingsentimental
area of sky containing constellation, astrological arrangement of planets, gathering of celebrities, group of related things, group of stars forming shape, group of stars; group of related feelings or ideasconstellation
arouse feelings in, excite, inflame, fill with enthusiasmimpassion
arousing love or affection, causing fond feelingsendearing
arousing sexual feelings, erotic poem, poem which speaks of sexual love, marked by sexual desire, pertaining to sexual passion; arousing or stimulating sexual desireerotic
arousing strong feelingshot-button
arrange grain sheaves in shock, collide, distressing feelings after shock, electric shock, give somebody electric shock, jolt, collide; upset, distress; offend, stun; subject to an electrical current; form bundles of grain or corn for drying, collision...shock
arrogant, feeling pride, feeling satisfaction; arrogant, haughty; magnificent, wonderful; impressive, fostering feelings of pride, having self-respect, high-spirited, Midwestern U.S.: feeling pleased, pleased and satisfiedproud
artistic movement originating in the late 19th century which attempted to reproduce the effect of light on objects using short quick brush strokes, music expressing impressions and feelings, school of paintingimpressionism
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