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pron. whichever, no matter which onewhichsoever
(British) leaflet of two to four pages; protective cover for a tent, printed matterflysheet
(Chemistry) specialist in microanalysis (branch of chemistry that studies very small particles of matter)microanalyst
(Slang) disregard or ignore, neglect, emphatic "what", expressing mild disagreement, no matter what, of any kind, pron. whichever; any one; any; anything; what, whichever; any; anything; any amount; so be itwhatever
a few, some, though not many, limited number, little, several; small number of -, pron. somefew
a nonspecific time, being 1 in number; single; same, unified; only; happening at a particular unspecified time in the past (or future), dollar bill, joke or story, musical notation, number 1; particular person or thing, previously mentioned, pron. any
a stated time, being recently mentioned; being closer; being about to be said, close by, indicating words to follow, not previously mentioned, pron. pronoun used to indicate a specific person or object, so much, to such an extent, to this degreethis
a vertical cavity in a glacier caused by hard matter falling through a crack in the ice, shaft bored into a glacier by debrismoulin
able to decompose naturally, can be broken down (pertaining to matter)biodegradable
about a woman, about a girl, about a female, of female origin, female person or animal; something considered to be feminine, object perceived as female, previously mentioned female person or animal, pron. female person or animal currently being discuss...she
accusation, accuse somebody of crime, amount of money asked, an order to do something, ask money for something, attack in a rush, criticize, debit, electric property of matter, enough explosive for detonation, enough to fill something, entrust; order, ...charge
act of judging; forming of an opinion; assessment, opinion; verdict, sentence of a court; decree, sentence; ability to judge, good sense, act of making a statement, decision of a judge, decision on a disputed matter, discernment or good sense, divine p...judgment
act of removing matter floating on the surface of a liquid; act of removing from the top; film, thin layer, coat or become coated with layer, cursory look, embezzle, give little or no attention to, glance through a book or paper, hide profits to avoid ...skim
act of sending out, distribution; something sent out, publication, edition; subject, topic, matter under discussion; end result; children, offspring, add up as gain, allotting of something, announce something publicly, arise from a condition, copy of a...issue
act of sounding bell, band of matter circling planet, bell sound, boxing, bullring, call on the telephone (British); bid, summon; encircle, surround; form into a ring; sound a bell; seem, appear; resound, be filled with sound; reverberate, echo, circle...ring
actually, truthfully, as a matter of factin fact
addition, attraction of matter by gravity, expansion or increase due to gradual build-up or additions; growth, increase in size; added part, addition; growing together or joining of separate parts, increase in landmass, increase in size of continentsaccretion
additional; other; different, one more, one that is different, pron. other, secondary; one more, some otheranother
address somebody as "thou", pron. you (Archaic), thousand, Godthou
advocate of dualism; advocate of the belief that mind and matter exist separately (Philosophy); advocate of the belief that good and evil are embodied in two separate divine beings or principles (Theology)dualist
affairs, aim, apparatus, belongings, concern, deed, detail, fashion, garment, ideal, living creature, object, article; fact; matter; fabrication; idea, occurrence, preferred activity, strong like or dislike, unspecified item, what can be possessed, wor...thing
aforesaid, same, as already stated, repeat something, same here, symbols representing repeated matter, the same thing applies elsewhereditto
alike, identically; similarly, correspondingly, identical; similar, alike; equal, equivalent; aforesaid, previously mentioned, pron. identical thing; aforesaid item, previously mentioned thing, unchangedsame
all matter and energy in space, population, sphere of person or thing, the earth and humanity, universe of discourse, world, cosmos, creation, nature, everythinguniverse
all the things that, each matter/object thateverything that
alone or without help, country, machine, normal self, pron. her own person; on her own person; to her own person; by her own person; from her own person, referring to female subject of verb, used for emphasisherself
alone or without help, important male person, normal self, pron. his own person; to his own person; by his own person; from his own person, referring to male subject of verb, used for emphasishimself
although, as soon as, at or during which time, at some point, at what time; at the hour which; as; at the time of; whereas, conj. at the hour of; as; whereas, each time, if, pron. in what time; at the time of, period of time, unspecified time period, w...when
amuse oneself, toy, play, waste time, idle, make sport of, cold dessert, matter or object of small value or importance; small amount of something; artistic work of no lasting significance; type of pewter; dessert made from sponge cake layered with whip...trifle
and a bit more, pron. some object, unspecified item; certain amount, some unknown quantity (i.e. twenty-something), rather, unspecified object; special or remarkable person or thing (Informal), something impressive, somewhat, suggesting resemblance, to...something
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