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not moving, unable to move because of a lack of wind (of a ship)becalmed
(about an airplane) move slowly along a runway before takeoff of after landing, cab, taxicab, car taking paying passengers, move aircraft on ground, transport somebody or be transported, travel in taxitaxi
(about animals) requiring little parental care, able to move about and function almost entirely independently upon birth (Zoology), independent at birthprecocial
(about parasitic fungi) moving from host to host during development (Biology), living on different hostsheteroecious
(Arabic) strong hot wind coming from the Saharian desert (also known as simoon), simoomsamiel
(Archaic) deck of a ship, side of a ship; state of being on board a ship, designed for use on a ship; occurring or happening on a ship, occurring on board shipshipboard
(British) destroy, annihilate; strike suddenly, make a surprise assault, opening allowing drainage from building, opening for draining water from deck, opening for draining water from the deck of a ship (Nautical), sink ship, wreck or ruin somethingscupper
(British) one who hauls; company which transports goods, moving company, haulerhaulier
(British) scamper, run or move quickly, scuttle, scurry, (British) scurry, quick run or movementscutter
(Colloquial) journey across the snow (esp. with dogs); command a team of dogs to set out or move faster (in Northwestern USA and Alaska); mash, make into mush, command to sled dogs, cooked cereal, dogsled trip, mash something, porridge, gruel; sentimen...mush
(Computers) system in which various types of media are connected by a hypertext program so that users can move between them in a non-linear manner (the World Wide Web is one such system), multi-media hypertext systemhypermedia
(French) part of the phrase "laisser-aller" (freedom, lack of restraint)laisser
(Geology) resulting from or caused by the motion of the wind (e.g. sand dunes)eolian
(Greek Mythology) of the Hyperboreans (people who live in a country located beyond the north wind where there is perpetual sunshine and plenty), member of a people who live in a country located beyond the north wind where there is perpetual sunshine an...Hyperborean
(in Medicine) substance that blocks the benefits of calcium and is used as a drug to widen blood vessels (when treating heart disease or a lack of blood supply to the heart)Nifedipine
(Mathematics) sign for subtraction or negative value (-); lack, negative quantity, disadvantage, having detrimental effect, less, less than zero, lacking, negative; below zero, minus sign, prep. less, showing subtraction, slightly below standard level,...minus
(Medicine) muscular rigidity and lack of contact with the environment (associated with schizophrenia), state resembling trancecatalepsy
(Medicine) serving to reduce the ability to feel pain (of drugs); (Pathology) causing lack of feeling (of a disease), anestheticanaesthetic
(Medicine) suffering from astasia (inability to stand due to lack of muscular coordination); unstable, unsteadyastatic
(Meteorology) created by the upward flow of warm air (of a wind), blowing upward, see also:katabaticanabatic
(Meteorology) device used to measure wind velocity and pressureanemograph
(Meteorology) device used to show the direction the wind is blowinganemoscope
(Nautical) any of the two late watch periods on a ship (first from 4 to 6 p.m., the second from 6 to 8 p.m.); any night shift (Informal), watch period on shipdogwatch
(Nautical) forward edge of a sail; wide part near the bow of a boat, flap, front edge of sail, sail too close to wind, turn a ship toward the wind (Nautical)luff
(Nautical) having a triangular sail (of a ship)lateen
(Nautical) space assigned to a ship in a port or at a wharf; act of bringing a ship to a berthberthing
(new zealand) blown down, blown by the wind, growing in shape caused by wind, grown in a certain shape because of strong winds; blown by the windwindblown
(Pathology) lack of feeling, loss of sensation (caused by disease); (Medicine) localized or general reduction of sensitivity to pain (through drugs), anaesthesia, apathy, medically induced insensitivity to painanesthesia
(Pathology) lack of feeling, loss of sensation (caused by disease); (Medicine) localized or general reduction of sensitivity to pain (through drugs), anesthesiaanaesthesia
(Photography) move a camera up and down on a camera pedestalped
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