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(Slang) attack, fit; attack of anger; noisy party, violent outburstwingding
Aboriginal gathering, noisy gatheringcorroboree
act of exploding, detonation; sound of a detonation; outburst (of laughter, anger, etc.); sudden increase, bursting or shattering of something, dramatic increase, intense display, plosion, sudden appearance, sudden burst of emotion, sudden noisy releas...explosion
act of making roar, act of roaring; loud deep cry resembling that of a lion; respiratory problem in horses which causes loud breathing (Veterinary Medicine), breathing difficulties in horses, exceedingly, huge, producing a roar; loud, noisy, clamorous;...roaring
activity, tumult, bustle, deal with something fast, engage in small-time illegal deals, hurry, initiative, noisy activity, play sport aggressively, propel, racket or swindle, sell something aggressively, solicit customers in shady deals, work quickly; ...hustle
advertise in a loud noisy way, advertise something loudly, noisy advertisement; loud noise, sensational advertising, uproarballyhoo
announce something, be noisy, blast, bellow; play loudly, fanfare, flourish, blare of trumpets; din, loud noise, loud strident sound, make loud soundblare
anxiety, anxious, noise or unrest, noisy or turbulent, not quiet, agitated, restless, uneasyunquiet
any of a number of noisy birds belonging to the crow family and having striking blue and white plumage, blue jayjaybird
any of a number of noisy birds belonging to the crow family and having striking blue and white plumage, blue jay; fool, gullible person, marijuana cigarette, somebody thoughtlessly talkativejay
appease, calm, pacify, soothe; cause to fall asleep; cause to feel a false sense of security; become quiet, subside, become calm, make somebody feel safe, period of calm, soothe or calm somebody, temporary interval of calm (often during a storm, noisy ...lull
argument, noisy disturbance, tumult, commotion, disorder, riot, pandemoniumuproar
banging metallic sound, chatter noisily, loud commotion, make rattling noise, noisy chatter, talk noisily; make a rattling sound; move noisily, tumultclatter
bark or imitate barking, imitation of barking, noisy public outcrybow-wow
be at a party, delight in, take great pleasure in; celebrate, take part in festivities, enjoy, merrymaking, joyous celebration, festivity, noisy celebrationrevel
be noisy; hurry, rush, run around, commotion, uproar, lively activity, energetic activity, go hurriedly and showily, underskirt paddingbustle
big celebration, international meeting of Scouts, riotous celebration, noisy festivity; international Boy Scout or Girl Scout rallyjamboree
blow strongly, brief disturbance, noisy cry, shout, scream; blow suddenly and powerfully, show of temper, sudden powerful storm accompanied by heavy snow or rain; scream, windstorm, yellsquall
boisterously, in a very active and noisy mannerrambunctiously
breath heavily and with a whistling sound; make a wheezing sound; speak while breathing heavily, breathe with a hoarse whistling sound, heavy breathing; trite saying; common theatrical gag, make a whistling or puffing sound, noisy breathing sound, ofte...wheeze
burst into loud crying; swell from crying, fat of marine mammals, say while sobbing, sob loudly, swollen from crying; swollen, thick, unsightly fat, whale fat (Zoology); excess fat; noisy cryingblubber
busy, lively, active, noisybustling
careless and reckless, carelessly, exciting, excitingly, slap-bang, sudden and noisy, violentlyslam-bang
chaos, bedlam, total lack of order; noisy ridicule serenade to a newly married couple that is made by banging kettles and pans and kettles, shivareecharivari
characterized by or engaging in public disturbance; wild, uncontrollable; noisy, boisterous; extremely funny, hilarious; wanton, licentious, rioting or likely to riot, unrestrainedriotous
charivari, horning, noisy serenade for newlywedsshivaree
chew noisily, take large bites, bite and chew, chump, noisy bite, sound of bitechomp
commotion, clamor, confusion; riot, angry demonstration by a crowd; mental turmoil, emotional turmoil, emotional upheaval, noisy commotiontumult
complain loudly, cry loudly, loud harsh cry, noisy complaint, raucous cry, say something loudly and shrilly, utter a harsh cry, utter a loud harsh cry, screechsquawk
complain; complain in a loud voice; scream, shout, complaint, howl or wail, noisy chattering, talk loudly and at length, whineyammer
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