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nasal, pertaining to the noserhinal
(about a letter) minuscule, not in the capital form; pertaining to the lower case, not capital, put in small letters, small letters not capitalslowercase
(about a pronoun) referring to the subject (Grammar); (about a verb) having a subject and object with the same referent (Grammar); reflective; pertaining to an involuntary physiological response, (Grammar) objective pronoun which refers to the subject,...reflexive
(American Slang) negro, black person, applying generally, of or pertaining to a class or kind; of a genus (Biology); of goods or medication sold without a brand name, generic drug, suitable for a broad range, with general namegeneric
(Anatomy) any of several hollow cavities or passages in the body; one of the hollow cavities in the skull that connects to the nasal passages, cavity in bone of skull, channel for blood, channel leading from body cavity, notch between leavessinus
(Anatomy) either of two small funnel-shaped cartilages located to the rear of larynx; muscle connected to the arytenoid cartilage; small mucous gland in front of the arytenoid cartilage, pertaining to two small cartilages located on top of the cricoid ...arytenoid
(Anatomy) lachrymal bone (bone of the inner corner of the eye); vessel used to collect the tears of the bereaved, crying, lacrimal, of or pertaining to tears; producing tears, secreting tears; lacrimal, of or near the organs which secrete tears (Anatomy)lachrymal
(Anatomy) of or pertaining to the diaphragm (partition separating the chest cavity from the abdomen)diaphragmatic
(Anatomy) pertaining to an ethmoid (at the base of the skull), bone at the base of the skull (Anatomy)ethmoid
(Anatomy) pertaining to osteoclasts (cells which absorb calcium from bone and cartilage)osteoclastic
(Anatomy) pertaining to the cecum (sealed intestinal pouch)cecal
(Anatomy) pertaining to the epicardium, pertaining to the outer membrane of the heartepicardial
(Anatomy) pertaining to the mesentery (membrane which connects abdominal organs)mesenteric
(Anatomy) resembling a follicle; pertaining to follicles; containing folliclesfolliculated
(Anatomy, Physiology) pertaining to the parasympathetic nervous system (part of the autonomic nervous system which works in opposition to the sympathetic nervous system), of parasympathetic nervous systemparasympathetic
(Anthropology) pertaining to anthropometry (measurement of the human body and its proportions)anthropometric
(Architecture) sunken panel; ceiling or arch decorated with sunken panels, ceiling with sunken panels, of bodily cavities, of or pertaining to a lacuna; incomplete, having gaps or missing parts; pitted, having cavities (Anatomy), sunken panel in a ceilinglacunar
(Astronomy) pertaining to the stars; determined according to the stars, relating to starssidereal
(Biblical) pertaining to the time before the fall of man, before fall from graceprelapsarian
(Biology) concerning photosynthesis, pertaining to the use of sunlight to produce carbohydrates (esp. in plants)photosynthetic
(Biology) in a catabolic manner (pertaining to the breaking down of plant and animal material in the body to release energy)catabolically
(Biology) of or pertaining to a hemizygote, of or pertaining to an individual that has only one gene out of a pair, lacking a genehemizygous
(Biology) of or pertaining to a melanoblast (immature melanocyte)melanoblastic
(Biology) of or pertaining to spores; of or pertaining to the production of sporessporogenous
(Biology) pertaining to a centrosome (part of the cytoplasm of a cell)centrosomic
(Biology) pertaining to a lymphocyte (type of cell)lymphocytic
(Biology) pertaining to abiogenesis (creation or evolution of an organism from lifeless material, spontaneous generation)abiogenetic
(Biology) pertaining to atavism (appearance of a trait belonging to a distant ancestor that has been dormant in recent generations), relating to genetic reappearance, uncivilized and instinctiveatavistic
(Biology) pertaining to devolution, pertaining to degenerationdevolutionary
(Biology) pertaining to geotropism, pertaining to growth or movement of an organism in response to gravitygeotropic
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