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(Agriculture) row of trees or plants in which the distance between adjoining trees or plants is equal to the distance between adjacent rowscheckrow
(Botany) genus of trees (native of Japan, North America, the Middle East and China)osmanthus
(Botany) not falling off at a particular time of year (of leaves); evergreen, does not loose its leaves each year (of trees or plants)indeciduous
(Botany) one who studies dendrology (study of trees and shrubs)dendrologist
(Chemistry) yellowish or brownish resin derived from the oleoresin or wood of pine trees (commonly used in varnishes, inks, and as a treatment for the bow of some musical instruments), hard resin, rub with rosin, treat with rosin, treat something with ...rosin
(plant or tree) trimmed into a decorative shape, clipped into a fanciful shape, art of shaping bushes, art of trimming plants or trees into decorative shapes; garden containing trees that are trimmed into fanciful shapes, shaped bush, topiary gardentopiary
(Weaving) loosen and clean fibers with a willow machine (especially wool and cotton fibers), any of a number of deciduous trees having long flexible branches; cricket bat (made from the wood of a willow); machine with a spiked drum used for cleaning an...willow
act of cutting or scratching the skin; cuts, scratches; act of criticizing harshly; act of breaking, act of crumblingscarification
advertiser of fairground attractions, barking dog, machine that removes bark from trees; animal which barks; person who attracts clients by speaking loudly, tree stripperbarker
afforestation, planting of forests, trees covering large areaforestation
alligator pear, creamy green, green fruit which grows on trees, green-fleshed edible fruit, of creamy green color, tree on which avocados growavocado
American bird that clings to treeswoodcreeper
among trees, cover area with trees, forest, cover or plant with trees; supply wood for; equip oneself with firewood (wood up), fuel or building material, fuel something with wood, golf club, lumber; forest; log; firewood; wooden block; wooden musical i...wood
animal hide, animal skin; moorland; flat seam (Sewing); number of trees cut in a season, chop tree down, fall, fierce, terrible, ruthless, cruel; destructive; deadly, inauspicious, knock down, chop down (a tree); sew the edge of a seam down flat, knock...fell
any of a family of shrubs or trees which produce resinous and aromatic substances (native to Asia and the Americas), storaxstyrax
any of a number of cone-bearing trees which yield a heavy solid wood; wood of the larch tree, larch wood, tree of pine familylarch
any of a number of North American hardwood trees of the walnut family; wood of the hickory tree, hickory stick, hickory wood, N American nut treehickory
any of a number of poplar trees (found in Europe and America), poplar with shaking leavesaspen
any of a number of shrubs or trees having bell-shaped white flowers (native to eastern Asia); aromatic resin obtained from shrubs or trees belonging to the storax family, fragrant balsam, styrax, subtropical tree with white flowers, vanilla-scented balsamstorax
any of a number of small monkey-like nocturnal mammals that live in trees (common to Madagascar and the Comoro Islands), primate that lives in Madagascar, see also:ring-tailed lemurlemur
any of a number of small trees and shrubs having feathery leaves and a small reddish fruit; dried and powdered leaves and bark of the sumac (used in tanning and dyeing)sumac
any of a number of small trees and shrubs having feathery leaves and a small reddish fruit; dried and powdered leaves and bark of the sumach (used in tanning and dyeing)sumach
any of a number of small trees which bear long clusters of yellow flowers, tree with yellow flowerslaburnum
any of a number of trees or shrubs (also elder); berrylike fruit from the elder (used to make wine), fruit of the elder treeelderberry
any of a number of trees or shrubs; person who is older, born earlier, elderberry, person born earlier, respected adviser, See also: Usage note below, senior member of a church, senior member of a community, superior, tree with purplish-black berrieselder
any of a number of trees which produce white flowers and long thin seed pods, tree with heart-shaped leavescatalpa
any of a number of tropical American trees, plant with ferny leaves, wood from jacarandajacaranda
any of a number of tropical American trees; hard reddish-brown wood of the mahogany tree; reddish-brown color, reddish brown, reddish-brown hardwood, tropical hardwood treemahogany
any of a number of tropical trees or shrubs belonging to the mallow family, shrub with large flowershibiscus
any of several small Eurasian trees whose fruit resembles the crabapple and is edible when over-ripe; fruit of a medlar tree, fruit of the medlar tree, tree with apple-shaped fruitmedlar
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