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large antelope, type of oxlike African antelope, wildebeestgnu
$100 note, being 100 in number, county subdivision, group of 100, large number, number 100, number third from decimal point, numbers 100 to 999, position third from decimal point, years of a centuryhundred
(427 BC-347 BC), Greek philosopher, student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle (famous for his work "The Republic"), a distinctive dark-floored large crater on the Moon just north of Mare Imbrium, approximately 100 km/60 mi in diameterPlato
(also known as an albatross) large sea birdmollymawk
(also known as Centella and Gotu Kola) type of creeping plant of the genus Hydrocotyle (Botany), marsh plant, navelwort, plant with rounded leaves, rock plantpennywort
(also known as Mosel) region in northeastern France; river flowing through through France Luxembourg and Germany; type of dry white wine, German white wineMoselle
(Anthropology) dark-skinned, black-skinned; of Black and dark-skinned African races (derogatory in modern usage), member of a Black or dark-skinned African race (Anthropology); African-American (derogatory in modern usage)negro
(Archaic) type of coin used in Persian; ten-thousand (Persian), Iranian coin, old unit of Persian currencytoman
(Automative) type of of vehicle construction in which the body is united with the frame and machinery; type of construction in which the outer layer absorbs all or most of the stress, integrated car design, metal outer shellmonocoque
(Biochemistry) type of aromatic amino acid which is essential to nutrition in animals (found in some leguminous plant seeds)tryptophan
(Biology) immature lymphocyte (type of cell), immature form of lymphocytelymphoblast
(Biology) pertaining to a lymphocyte (type of cell)lymphocytic
(Botany) pineapple, type of tropical plant having large fleshy fruit and sharp leaves; fruit of this plantananas
(Botany) plant from the phylum of Thallophyta (algae, fungi and lichens), plant typethallophyte
(Botany) type of cabbage cultivated for its seeds; summer rape (plant of the mustard family)colza
(Botany) type of plant which reproduces with zygosphoreszygophyte
(Botany) type of shrub of the mint family found in Asia; extract from the oil of this plant, aromatic oil, pachouli, tropical Asian shrubpatchouli
(Botany) type of tree found in tropical and subtropical America; fruit of this tree, papaya, papaw, pertaining to the pawpaw tree; of or pertaining to the fruit of this treepawpaw
(British slang) rugby, type of ball game, variety of football in which players must advance to the goal without passing the ball forward (kicking and backwards or lateral passes are permitted)rugger
(British spelling for complection) overall appearance of the skin; state of things, general condition, character, skin typecomplexion
(British) Big Dipper, type of constellation (Astronomy)Plough
(British) type of hat that covers the head face and shoulders (worn in extremely cold weather), knitted capbalaclava
(Buddhism and Hinduism) type of symbolic hand gesture, hand positionmudra
(Cardiology) part of "angina pectoris" (type of heart disease)pectoris
(Chemistry) derived from propionic acid (type of acid used in food, perfumes, and medicine)propionic
(Chemistry) of or pertaining to chemical compounds containing rings of more than one type of atom; of or pertaining to the branch of chemistry which studies such compounds, containing noncarbon atomheterocyclic
(Chemistry) of stearin (type of ester), containing stearin or fat, derived from stearic acidstearic
(Chemistry) process of transforming into an enol (type of organic compound)enolization
(Computers) any type of storage medium that can only be written to once but can be read an unlimited number of times (such as a CD-ROM)Write Once Read Many
(Computers) extension for VOC files (type of sound file of the Creative company), volatile organic compoundVOC
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large antelope, type of oxlike African antelope, wildebeest சாம்பல் நிற இலைக்கருகல் kithara, stringed instrument guiding to come down in the world; (fam.) to go to the dogs/to pot; (din ce în ce mai rău) to go from bad to worse. இறக்கும் தறுவாயில் உள்ள இரத்த வெள்ளை அணுக்கள் (ling) progressive aspect a lua apărarea unei cauze burning hell altoist Montanan Тактильный орган, орган осязания (fam.) pe de gratis 1. free(ly); free of charge; without (any) payment. 2. (inutil) uselessly; vainly; in vain. 3. (fără motiv) ungroundedly; without (any) reason. crede mihi, miseris cœlestia numina parcunt; nec semper læsos, et sine fine, premunt feat முன் குறிப்பிட்ட அறிக்கை նորանոթավորում, անոթագոյացում புடைப்பு; வீக்கம்; பரு வீங்கு вигнання விளைவற்ற; பயனற்ற; சிறுமையான; எண்மையான; (அற்பமான) trainee state of having a bad temper, irritability; crossness, angriness bus or train making few stops, confined within a boundary, restricted; having restricted governing powers; unoriginal, narrow, mediocre, lacking full authority, lacking full scope, of relatively little talent, stopping at only a few places, with a limi... śpiewać na głosy кралство மணம் உணர்தல், நுகர் மணம் அறிதல் building, construction; group effort by Buddhist practitioners, group activities by a community (e.g. cleaning, etc.) A non-cash expense that provides a source of free cash flow. Amount allocated during the period to amortize the cost of acquiring long term assets over the useful life of the assets. (Biology) primitive eye-like receptor that is light-sensitive and helps orient an organism (in primitive single-celled organisms), eye-shaped marking, light-sensitive part skin to skin to return a quid pro quo; to repay in the same way; to give tit for tat; to give a Rowland for an Oliver; v. şi a plăti cu aceeaşi monedă. decipher member of a reform movement, member of a group that advocates political change; member of a reformed religious denomination, pertaining to a reform movement; belonging to a reform movement சபோட்டோ, சீமை இலுப்பை ves Jungian mother complex to jump the gun on aquaplane, diving plane on submarine, fast boat, hydrofoil, light motorboat designed to skim above the water at high speeds with only the rear part of its hull touching the water; seaplane; vessel equipped with hydrofoils, skid on wet road, skim the su... laager, lager beer, type of beer which is made using a small amount of hops and is aged from six weeks to six months, light-colored beer მოჯადოება, მონუსხვა (poss. Kansai dialect) many, much, a great amount; excessive amount angażować się; ingerować; interweniować; mieszać się vantrúaður logaritamska normalna distribucija; lognormalna distribucija ultraakustisch (adj.) அலுவல் வழித் தலைவர்; பதவி வழித் தலைவர் field poppy, Papaver rhoeas இடுப்பு மூட்டுத் திறப்பு