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(Medicine) place a tube into an organ; treat by placing a tube into an organ, insert tube in somebody, insert tube in windpipeintubate
achieve agreement between disputing groups, be between, depending on intermediate action, intervene to resolve conflict, intervene; reconciliate, help facilitate peace between two parties in a dispute; act as an intermediary between two parties to help...mediate
acquaint with somebody else, bring in new species, bring in something new, cause to experience something new, give audience foretaste, insert, preface with something else, present for the first time; acquaint one person with another; bring to the notic...introduce
act as go-between, being in between, chemical for further reactions, containing between 55 percent and 66 percent silica, intermediary, mediate, arbitrate, intervene, mediator, one who intervenes; something which exists between two stages (or points, t...intermediate
add a subtitle to; provide with subtitles, caption for foreign-language movie, caption in silent movie, insert title, intertitle, lesser title, provide subtitles for, secondary title appearing below the main title; translation of a foreign-language fil...subtitle
add extra lining to clothing, insert words in a text, interlineate, insert words between the printed or written lines of a document or textinterline
add fringes to something, insert yarn pieces in canvas, monotonous beat, say or speak monotonously, strum, strum a guitar; knock, tap steadily, thread end left on loom, yarn pieces added to canvasthrum
add something as extra comment, insert extra comments, put in parentheses, enclose in parentheses; use a parenthetical expression, put something in parenthesesparenthesize
add something gradually, arrange to include something, insert, inlaywork in
add words to a text, alter text, estimate the value of a mathematical function, insert something into something else, insert something new, add something between parts; alter a text (especially in an unauthorized manner); add an intermediate term (Math...interpolate
adhesive mixture, beat somebody severely, cause to adhere, stick; insert information that was copied or taken from another place into the current document (Computers); hit, strike (Slang), cover a surface with paste, dough; glue; spread; toothpaste, so...paste
amount in glass, barometer, cover with glass, fiberglass, fit or cover with panes of glass; frame (a picture), glass container, glassful, glassware, insert into a glass container, looking glass, made of glass; fitted with glass, magnifying glass,
attach something permanently, graft animal tissue, graft plant part, implant something permanently, ingraft, insert a shoot or twig from one tree into another for propagation; insert, implant (also ingraft)engraft
bag, go slowly, look or search, make a hole in something, meddle, pokeweed, prod, prod with something, protrude from something, punch somebody, push into a hole, thrust; insert, stick in; hit with a fist, thrust; insertion, act of sticking in; strike f...poke
be understood, decipher a meaning, enter or pass through something, get a share of a market, infiltrate a group, insert the penis, pass into, pierce; permeate; understand, comprehend, see into something, spread through somethingpenetrate
become embedded, bury, establish habits or notions, firmly establish, plant; graft, insert (Medicine), something which has been used to replace part of the body (Medicine), something inserted during surgeryimplant
become involved, intervene, interferestep in
become lodged, fix something in mind, imbed, insert, inlay, drive in, implant, place or be placed solidly, surround somethingembed
bite, bite (Past participle of), detachable part of drill, digit in binary notation, everything about a role, insert bridle bit, mouthpiece of bridle, part of key, part of pincers, restrain, short amount of time, short performance, small acting part, s...bit
blank paper, insert blank paper between printed sheetsslipsheet
booklet giving details of a performance, broadcast, insert operating instructions into machine, instructions obeyed by computer, operating instructions for machine, plan of action, programme, routine, schedule something, agenda, written order of events...program
bush, insulation, metal insert (Mechanics, Electronics), metal sleeve, pipe adaptorbushing
camp, collapsible shelter, cover something as a tent does, insert a tent, lodge in a tent, camp out, plug for wound, supply a tent for somebody, temporary cloth shelter, tent-shaped objecttent
canulate, insert tube into body, tubular, in the shape of a pipe, cylindrical and hollowcannulate
change into fluff; make fluffy, shake or puff out (hair, feathers, etc.); botch, make a mistake; become fluffy, do badly, downy fuzz, light balls of thread, nonsense, raise feathers, shake so as to insert air, soft and fuzzy particle or mass; something...fluff
channel, insert, set in; place one object within another, place a smaller thing in a larger thing, small thing placed in something larger, something which has been inserted, something set in; additional page (placed in a book, newspaper, etc.); small i...inset
cut dado in something, die, insert into dado, lower half of a wall decorated with wood or wallpaper, lower part of interior wall, provide with dado, rectangular groove in boarddado
decorate metal, insert gems in an decorative setting; ornament by embossing or engraving; incase or inclose in a border or rim, set jewelry with gemsenchase
decorate something with an inlaid design, decorative pattern, gold or porcelain filling for tooth, insert decorative materials into a surface; ornament by inserting layers of decorative materials into a surface, material inserted into a surface to form...inlay
defraud, con into buying goods of poor quality; penetrate through cunning, give somebody something inferior, impose on somebody, insert surreptitiouslyfoist
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