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(about attacks of disease) recurring every fifth day, fever, fever or illness which recurs every five days, occurring every fifth dayquintan
(From French) psychological disorder of mind or emotion; impartial and old term for mental illness or insanityfolie
(Medical) of dementia (mental impairment due to old age or illness)demential
(Medicine) blood poisoning, illness characterized by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the blood (also septicaemia), blood diseasesepticemia
(Medicine) blood poisoning, illness characterized by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the blood (also septicemia)septicaemia
(Medicine) form of toxemia experienced by pregnant women (characterized by convulsions), illness during pregnancyeclampsia
(Medicine) infection caused by parasitic bacteria from the genus Schistosoma (causes anemia, pain, and organ malfunction), bilharziasis, illness cause by blood infection, snail feverschistosomiasis
(Pathology) siriasis, serious condition caused by excess exposure to the sun (characterized by fever, weakness, and possible coma or death), illness caused by too much sun, insolationsunstroke
,(north england) brat, arrest somebody, be in a particular state, become, begin something, bring something, catch an illness, cause something to be done, conceive somebody, difficult tennis return, forms passives, gain access to somebody, have an idea,...get
able to be diagnosed, recognizable, identifiable (as in an illness)diagnoseable
abnormal enlargement of parts of the body (disease), disfiguring illness causing swelling, unreasonable growthelephantiasis
absence due to illnesssick leave
achieve sexual maturity, acquire feature, habit, or illness, arise and increase, become clear, bring piece into play, build structures, improve; mature, grow, change and grow, enlarge on, present or be revealed in stages, turn film into negatives or pr...develop
act of returning to previous condition, become ill after recovery, go into former state, regress, revert to a former state (esp. a negative one); recur, reappear (illness), regression, reversion to a former state; recurrence of an illness after an init...relapse
act or sound of coughing, expel air from lungs noisily, expel by coughing, illness causing coughing, loud expulsion of air from the lungs; respiratory inflammation characterized by repeated coughing; confession, loudly expel air from the lungs; admit s...cough
action of attacking, assault, assail, assault; spasm, seizure; onslaught, attacking members of team, bout of illness, criticize somebody or something, energetic way of playing, harm, infect somebody or damage something, make a vigorous start on somethi...attack
affect somebody emotionally, approach a level, approach somebody for money, area out of play, attack of illness, be or put in contact, communication, consume something, contact made, contact; sense of touch; hit; bit, small amount, detail, distinctive ...touch
affected by illness, deeply or badly affected by something, hit by missile, wounded; afflicted, overwhelmed (by disease, disaster, etc.), strikestricken
agreement between client and therapist, agreement to marry, pact, arrange marriage, contract bridge, create a formal agreement; get; make smaller; reduce; become smaller, document recording agreement, formally or legally agree, get illness, highest bri...contract
allow, appear to be less good, be adversely affected, endure, feel pain, experience loss or harm, endure misfortune; be punished; tolerate, endure; stand, bear; allow, permit, have an illness, have as weakness, undergo something unpleasantsuffer
altitude sicknessmountain sickness
altitude sickness, high cold plateau (as in the Andes); mountain sickness, difficulty breathing caused by the thin mountain air, plateau in Andespuna
always present, habitual, lingering, lasting (as of an illness); constant, long-lasting, with long-term illnesschronic
animistic belief system, belief in supernatural forces to heal illness or predict the future, spiritualist religion of Asiashamanism
any of number of small bloodsucking flies of Central and South Africa that carry sleeping sickness and other diseasestsetse
any of number of small bloodsucking flies of Central and South Africa that carry sleeping sickness and other diseasestzetze
art and science of disease treatment and health maintenance; medication, remedy, drug; substance used for medical treatment, drug for treating illness, medical profession, ritual practice or sacred object, treatment of illness, treatment using drugsmedicine
aspect rooted in the past, headache and other effects caused by heavy consumption of alcohol, holdover, illness after drinkinghangover
attack of illness, fight, session; fit of illness or drinking; athletic match, short period of activitybout
bacterium causing illness, type of rod-shaped anaerobic bacteriaclostridium
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