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hurt; wounded; insulted, offended; damagedinjured
(Archaic) greatly, very much; harshly, gravely, severely, annoying, distressing, infected spot, inflammation, wound, abscess; source of pain or grief, sensitive issue, offended, painful, painful; raw, tender, sensitive; inflamed; hurting; annoying; dis...sore
a trademark for a pneumatically operated metal device resembling pincers that is inserted into the body of a severely damaged motor vehicle and then opened to access people trapped insideJaws of Life
absent or lessened, damaged, weakened, adversely affectedimpaired
accurate, clothes needing special washing and drying, easily offended, fine, fragile, easily broken; sensitive, frail, needing tact, refined, skillful, subtledelicate
acquire something, admit somebody, be hurt by something, bear something, catch something, convert electronic signals, entertain visitors, get something, accept; absorb, take in; host, accommodate, greet guests, hear and acknowledge something, learn inf...receive
act of stabbing somebody, act of stabbing; thrust, blow; attempt, try; sudden intense feeling (usually painful), hurt like a knife wound, jab finger or object at, pierce or wound with a pointed weapon or other object; make a stabbing movement, severe c...stab
affected by illness, deeply or badly affected by something, hit by missile, wounded; afflicted, overwhelmed (by disease, disaster, etc.), strikestricken
affronted, offended, hurt by rude or offensive remarks or behaviorinsulted
amount of reduction in value, something reduced in value, vehicle damaged beyond repairwrite-off
anger somebody or get angry, blow or pant, fit of anger, fit of offended dignity, sulky fit, puff, blow; take offense, become angry; behave arrogantlyhuff
anger, anger somebody, audacity, bile, bile; bitterness, rancor; impudence, cheek, bitter feeling or experience, cause friction sore on, cause of anger, hurt, wound; make bitter; cause pain; offend, sore caused by rubbing, swelling on treegall
apply a poultice to a wounded or inflamed area of the body, moist substance applied to injury, plaster, soft heated mass of herbs (or meal, clay, etc.) wrapped in a cloth and applied to a wounded or inflamed area of the bodypoultice
area of discoloration on the skin caused by a blow, contusion, cause a wound, make a contusion, injure; be injured, be wounded, crush food, damage plant tissue, damage to plant tissue, emotional injury, injure causing skin discoloration, skin discolora...bruise
arrogant, easily offended, sulky; arrogant, insolent, irritated, touchyhuffy
attack; (Sports) side that pursues (rather than defends); misdeed; insult; state of being offended; transgression (also offence)offense (Amer.)
attack; (Sports) side that pursues (rather than defends); misdeed; insult; state of being offended; transgression (also offense)offence (Brit.)
avenge, strike back, take revenge for an injury received; repay in kind, reciprocate, requite, hurt somebody in returnretaliate
badly damaged ship, cargo from wrecked ship, crash, destroy or damage something, destroy ship, destruction, destruction of ship, destruction; ruins, debris, remains; junk; nervous person; sunken ship; debris washed ashore, remains of something destroye...wreck
badly damaged state, decorate with ribbons, decorative strip of fabric, flat cable, ledger board, long narrow strip, reins, ribbon as award or badge, strip of inked material, strip of material used for decoration; shred, torn strip of material, tear in...ribbon
be embarrassed, be punished, cause a sharp stinging pain; hurt, feel a sharp stinging pain; feel distress or humiliation, cause or have sharp pain, clever, electronic, embarrassment or mental discomfort, fashionable, insolent, intelligence,
become offended by something, give something bristles, hair on brush, have large amount, have or set hair on end, short stiff hair, stand on end (of hair); be stiff or rigid with anger; be filled withbristle
blameworthy, defective, flawed; damaged, with faultsfaulty
break a law, cause somebody anger, resentment, or hurt, insult; violate a law; sin; be strident, injure the sensesoffend
broken into pieces, splintered, smashed; damaged, harmed; ruined, destroyed, devastatedshattered
brutally realistic, cold, crude, hurt and sore, inexperienced, living, alive; uncooked; unprocessed, unrefined; inexperienced, novice; painful, tender; crude, vulgar, not changed or interpreted, not subtle, wound, injuryraw
build in receding slope, coat food in batter, damage by heavy blows or wear, damaged type, faulty impression, hit repeatedly, mixture of flour, milk, and eggs, one who wields a bat (in a game of baseball, cricket, etc.); baking mixture, player batting,...batter
casualties who can walk, people who have been hurtwalking wounded
cause or feel pain, emotional distress, feeling of discomfort, hurt, cause pain; grieve, sadden, labor pains, sadden somebody, sensation of physical discomfort (often due to illness or injury); emotional suffering or distress; someone or something that...pain
cause pain; injure, wound; be injured, be wounded; cause emotional distress; damage, harm, experience difficulties, experience pain, impair, injure somebody or something, harmed; emotionally wounded; damaged, injury, upsethurt
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