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acting impulsively, done on impulse, hasty, reckless, lacking caution, violentimpetuous
acting too hastily, already arranged, coming before something, earlier, prior, preceding, antecedent; hasty, premature, rash (Slang)previous
add an explanatory note (in the margins of a text, etc.); comment; polish, add a shiny finish to; cover up, give a deceptively appealing appearance to, deceptive and superficial attractiveness, explain word or phrase, explanatory word or phrase, give d...gloss
adventive, chance or unpremeditated, comfortable, indifferent, known only slightly, lenient, nonchalant, not formal, occasional or temporary, random, accidental; superficial; temporary; informal, soldier on temporary assignment, temporary worker, tempo...casual
aggressively self-assertive, brittle, garbage, rubbish, hasty, loose trash, hasty; impudent; bold, recklessbrash
alert, alive, brief, doing something fast, done without delay, easily angered, rapid; swift, nimble; hasty, hurried; impatient; prompt to understand; fluid, flowing; alive, living, flesh under nail, living people; living flesh; vital part, most importa...quick
amateur, dabbler, nonprofessional, one who engages in activities for pleasure, art lover, dabbler in art or knowledge, superficialdilettante
amateur, superficialdilettantish
animal or plant near the ground, aviation worker on ground, plant or animal that lives close to the ground; fish that live near the bottom of the water; person with poor taste, standing spectator, superficial, shallow; uncritical, not thinking deeply, ...groundling
apparent, appear, become known, come to the top, exterior or upper boundary of a thing, external part or layer; outward appearance, give a surface to something, of or pertaining to a surface, external; superficial, on land or sea, outer part, provide w...surface
applied externally, local, regional; current, popular; superficial, of current interest, of topicstopical
area of shallow water, having little depth, not deep; superficial, not concerned with serious intellectual matters; weak, breathing in very little air, make or become shallow, not thinking or feeling deeply, taking in little airshallow
be hasty in doing something, mischievous child, perform in a hasty or superficial manner, do carelessly, rascal, rogue, scoundrelscamp
be writer, doodles, hasty note, make meaningless markings, messy handwriting, scrawl, illegible handwriting; doodle, meaningless writing, write messily, write quickly and sloppily, scrawl; doodle, create meaningless pictures or scrawlscribble
born too early, happening too soon, mature before the proper time; untimely, before the proper time; too early; hasty, hurriedpremature
carefree, ethereal, graceful, high in the air, of air, of or relating to air; high; insubstantial; superficial; light; graceful; lively, roomy, ventilatedairy
careless, rash, hasty, lacking cautionincautious
casual and relaxed, easily fluent, smooth-tongued; tending to speak in a careless or thoughtless manner, insincere, slick, superficialglib
causing fermentation, concerning yeast; yeast-like; fermented, frothy; powerful, vigorous, effervescent, "excited"; superficial, light, energetic, frivolous, relating to yeast, restlessyeasty
coming in bursts, inclined to act on sudden urges, rash, hasty; acting on impulse; spontaneous, short and percussiveimpulsive
condensed moisture that falls from the sky (i.e. rain, snow, hail, etc.); material that has been separated from a solution (Chemistry), done or acting rashly, headfirst, with the head foremost; hurried, rushed; hasty, reckless, make rain or snow fall, ...precipitate
deal with something from philosophical standpoint, discuss nature of reality, explain or moralize in superficial way, think or reason like a philosopher, express truisms, rationalize, intellectualizephilosophize
deep sea, ocean, great, of great depth, fathomless; deep, not superficial; intense, extreme; serious, sober, requiring great understanding, showing great understanding, very deepprofound
done routinely, hasty, superficial, cursory; rushed, hurried; careless, negligent, recklessperfunctory
easily done, accomplished without difficulty; moving in an easy manner, unconstrained; gentle, pleasant; flexible, yielding, easy to do, fluent but insincere, superficial, working easilyfacile
easy shot, hasty criticism, pot, shot from close range; random shot, aimless shotpotshot
either of the two large superficial veins of the leg (Anatomy), saphenous veinsaphena
escape hastily, hasty escape, hit hard, hit; whip; beat; flee, speak angrily, sudden flight, quick escape (American and Canadian Slang)lam
excessive concern about outward appearances, excessive concern for things which are external or superficial (especially in religion), view that thoughts depend on externalsexternalism
falling headlong, falling rapidly; rushing, moving quickly; rash, hurried, hasty; sudden, unexpected, abrupt, material that causes precipitation when added to a solution (Chemistry), something causing precipitation, sudden or unexpected, too hastyprecipitant
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