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happening twice a year, lasting six months, occurring twice a year, taking place every six monthssemiannual
(1) The gap between bid and askprices of a stock or other security. (2) The simultaneous purchase and sale of separate futures or options contracts for the same commodity for delivery in different months. Also known as a straddle…Spread
(about an airplane) move slowly along a runway before takeoff of after landing, cab, taxicab, car taking paying passengers, move aircraft on ground, transport somebody or be transported, travel in taxitaxi
(about an organ or tissue) located in the wrong placeheterotopic
(about attacks of disease) recurring every fifth day, fever, fever or illness which recurs every five days, occurring every fifth dayquintan
(Archaic) deck of a ship, side of a ship; state of being on board a ship, designed for use on a ship; occurring or happening on a ship, occurring on board shipshipboard
(Archaic) of an hour, indicating the hour; occurring every hour, hourly, relating to hourhorary
(Biology) smallest unit of DNA (point where mutation can take place), smallest known unit of mutable DNAmuton
(Botany) not falling off at a particular time of year (of leaves); evergreen, does not loose its leaves each year (of trees or plants)indeciduous
(British variant for localize) confine to a particular place; collect in particular place; identify the location of; determine the specific location of a gene within a DNA strand (Genetics)localise
(British) carpet pad, layer beneath carpet, place underneath; lie under; provide something that supports from below, provide with something underneath, support for something, underlieunderlay
(British) place where four or more roads meet (archaic) ; intersection of roads at center of a town (archaic)carfax
(Catholicism) ceremonial washing of the hands; psalm recited during the hand washing ceremony; basin and towel used during a ceremonial hand-washing, basin attached to a wall, place for washing in a monastery, religious rituallavabo
(Grammar) verb form used to show that the subject is being acted upon (rather than performing an action), expressing action done to the subject, influenced by something external, lacking a power source, not actively taking part, not managed by the inve...passive
(in Dominoes) bank of dominoes that remains after each player has taken a turn; cemetery; place where bones of wild animals are collected; place where old vehicles are stored and used for scrap metal (cars, planes, etc.), place for discarded objectsboneyard
(Latin) ancient Roman game of chance based on the use of dice; (Classical Mythology) nickname of Athena that refers to a holy place built in her honor by Aleus; old city located on the Eastern border of Arcadiaalea
(Latin) part of the phrase "anno Domini" ("in the year of our Lord, " generally written as "A.D.", designates the years since the reputed date of the birth of Christ)Domini
(Latin) see (word used to refer readers to a different place in the text), refer tovide
(Medicine) mold used to hold a skin graft in place during healing; thin tube inserted into a tubular structure (e.g. a blood vessel) to hold it open or remove a blockagestent
(Medicine) outside of the normal place, outside of the normal place (as in an ectopic pregnancy), in an abnormal place or formectopic
(Medicine) place a tube into an organ; treat by placing a tube into an organ, insert tube in somebody, insert tube in windpipeintubate
(Na) light malleable silvery-white chemical element (Chemistry), `:Na, abundantly occurring chemical elementsodium
(New Testament) field near Jerusalem that was purchased with the money Judas Iscariot received for betraying Jesus; place that has very negative conotationsAceldama
(Pathology) condition characterized by softening of the bones (occurring especially in pregnant women), bone diseaseosteomalacia
(Pathology) disease characterized by ulcers in the mouth and sometimes on the genitals (occurring mostly in malnourished, hygienically neglected children), severe inflammation with gangrenenoma
(Slang) outback, bush, unsettled remote place in Australiamulga
(Sports) act of kicking a ball which is held in one place on the ground, kick or score from place kickplacekick
(symbol) -, deduction of number, mathematical function in which one number is deducted from another (represented by the sign - ); deduction, act of taking away part of a whole, removal from something larger, withdrawal of benefitsubtraction
(U.K.) working on a temporary basis; doing add jobs; taking advantage of opportunities of public service for personal gainjobbing
, stopping place for drivers, rest stoprest area
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