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group promoting interests politically, PAC, group that promotes its political interests by contributing to political campaigns and/or candidates in order to win favor (U.S. Politics)political action committee
$100 note, being 100 in number, county subdivision, group of 100, large number, number 100, number third from decimal point, numbers 100 to 999, position third from decimal point, years of a centuryhundred
$20 bill, amounting to 20 in number, group of 20, number 20, numbers 20 to 29, period from age 20 to 29, years 1920 to 1929twenty
(1870-1916) British short story author; last name; group of hills in Scotland (named after Sir Hugh Munro)Munro
(1940-1993) American rock musician, songwriter, political commentatorFrank Zappa
(about clothing or fabric) unshrinkable, shrunk beforehand in order to prevent later shrinkage in the laundry, already shrunkpreshrunk
(Architecture) ornamental bracket under a Corinthian column, a bracket in Corinthian ordermodillion
(Biochemistry) phospholipid, fatty compound comprised of a fatty acid bonded to a phosphate group and an organic molecule (major component of cell membranes)phosphatide
(Biology) group of related families within an order or suborder; category of classification ranked below order and above family, taxonomic ranking between order and familysuperfamily
(born 1944) leader in the American Indian Movement, indigenous rights activist who is presently serving a prison sentence for a crime he allegedly committed (he is considered a political prisoner by Amnesty International)Leonard Peltier
(Botany) an order of plants; moss which has leafy gametophytesMusci
(Botany) pertaining to thallophytes (group of plants)thallophytic
(British Slang) criminal, prisoner, ex-convict; prison time, decide the order of play, fall behind compared with others, fail to keep up with the established pace, straggle; develop slowly; linger, tarry; slacken, flag, weaken; imprison (British Slang)...lag
(British) oversee an examination taken by candidates, proctorinvigilate
(British) package, bundle; group, gang; field, plot of land, yard, batch of commercial goods, bunch, make parcel of something, bundle; divide, partition; wrap, cover, portion, protect rope, something wrapped upparcel
(British) person nominated to a position as a personal favor or rewardplaceman
(Chemistry) of or containing the imido group (radical NH)imido
(Chemistry) pertaining to olefins, of the alkene group (hydrocarbon)olefinic
(Chemistry) process of replacing a hydrogen atom from an organic compound with an alkyl group; act of adding a paraffin to an olefin (done in gasoline manufacture), addition of an alkyl groupalkylation
(Chemistry) treat with a sulfuric acid; add a sulfonic group into an organic compound, salt or ester of a sulfonic acid (Chemistry), sulfonic acid salt or ester, treat with sulfuric acidsulfonate
(Chemistry) treat with a sulphuric acid; add a sulphonic group into an organic compound, salt or ester of a sulphonic acid (Chemistry)sulphonate
(Commonwealth of The Bahamas) group of islands in the Atlantic ocean southeast of North AmericaBahamas
(Computers) sign up, inform a newsgroup program that a user wants to regularly read a certain newsgroup; inform a mailing list server that a user wants to read a certain group, guarantee to invest in something, make advance payment for something, promi...subscribe
(French) Franciscan friar (so called due to the knotted cord worn as a girdle); member of a French political club during the first Revolution which met in an old Cordelier convent in Paris (French history)cordelier
(Geology) of a mineral deposit or enrichment formed near the surface (usually by descending waters), group of closely linked genessupergene
(Geology) variety of igneous rock, common dark-colored silicate mineral from the amphibole group; amphibole, any of several varieties of ferromagnesian silicate minerals, variety of amphibolehornblende
(Grammar) verb used in combination with one or more other words to create an idiomatic expression (ex: take on, take off), forming a phrase, dialectical; containing phrases, containing a group of words that functions as a single unit (Grammar)phrasal
(History) Muslims payed a tax in order to stay in Spain (11th-15th century)Mudejar
(in Airplanes) electronic device that transmits a 4-digit identification code to the scanning surface radar in order to identify itself as "friendly" aircraftIFF (Identification Friend or Foe)
(in ancient Greece) political assembly; marketplace or public square used for public assemblies, coin worth an agora, Israeli currency unitagora
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