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(British Slang) fool; sexual intercourse; overly feminine man, (Slang) kick hardtonk
(Informal British) fool, simpletongaby
(Slang) loiter, fool around; flirt (also lollygag)lallygag
(Slang) make a stupid mistake, make a mess of; waste time; act in a playful or foolish manner, (Slang) stupid person, fool; stupid mistake, blunder, botch, make mistake, unintelligent persongoof
a dupe, cheat, deceive, fool, sea bird, seagull, type of sea bird with long wings and webbed feet; sucker, one who is easily deceived, gullible persongull
a small round piece of food, lump of precious metal, small precious thing, small solid mass (usually of gold); compact unit (i.e. of information); (Slang) fool, idiot; amphetamine (Slang)nugget
act like a foolplay the fool
acted like a fool; was taken inplayed the fool
amusing satire, deceive, hoax, parody, mocking imitation; hoax, swindle, mockingly imitate; fool, satirizespoof
amusingly unconventional, clown, jester; fool, crazy, wacky, ludicrous; clown, stock characterzany
any of a number of noisy birds belonging to the crow family and having striking blue and white plumage, blue jay; fool, gullible person, marijuana cigarette, somebody thoughtlessly talkativejay
any sticky mass, cluster, form into a lump, coagulate, lump; coagulated mass of blood; fool (Slang), sticky lump, thicken and form lumpsclot
aromatic plant, dill leaves or seeds, fool, type of plant whose seeds and leaves are used to flavor fooddill
bag used in tackling practice, exposed hand in bridge, fake, imitation, feigned pass in ball games, figure shaped like a person on which clothes are displayed; fake, counterfeit;(British) pacifier; (Slang) fool, stupid person; (Slang) penis, imitation ...dummy
be evasive, carnivorous mammal having a long slender brown body with short legs and a long tail (some species in northern regions turn white in the winter); (Slang) cunning or sneaky person (derogatory), evade, escape; fool, lead astray, be ambiguous; ...weasel
be sexually unfaithful to somebody, cheat, mislead, fool yourself, intentionally trick or mislead somebodydeceive
behave comically, behave like a buffoon, behave like a fool, jester, comic circus performer, ill-mannered person, perform as clown, play pranks, prankster, somebody funnyclown
bird common in cities, clay pigeon, gullible person, type of bird; stupid person, foolpigeon
blunt end of pin, small thing, somebody very unintelligent, stupid person, silly person, fool (Slang)pinhead
body fluid, cosh, covered trench leading to enemy territory, dig a sap, drain plant of sap, energy, hit somebody with a sap, juice of a plant, fluid which circulates through a plant; essential body fluid (such as blood); vigor, health, vitality; fool,
bumbling person, clown, ludicrous figure, fool, jokerbuffoon
cheat, swindle; play with, fool with; dawdle, manipulate data illegally, manipulate programdiddle
clown, fool, jester, comic actor in tights and mask, Harlequin, harlequin, having multicolored shapes//Harlequinharlequin
clumsy person, hired thug; fool, idiotgoon
crazy about, wild about, simpleton, fool, senile person; crazy persongaga
easy victim, scapegoat, one who takes the blame; fool, sucker, wimp (Slang)patsy
featherbrain, silly person, foolfeatherhead
featherhead, forgetful person, silly person, foolfeatherbrain
fool (Slang), offensive termninny
fool aroundhorse around
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