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firearm requiring cocked hammer, requiring cocked hammer of firearmsingle-action
(about animals) requiring little parental care, able to move about and function almost entirely independently upon birth (Zoology), independent at birthprecocial
(Archaic) firearm with a long barrel, harquebusarquebus
(north england) ram, head of hammer, mate with a ewe, sexual relations (British Slang)tup
3-horned, cocked hat, mythical animaltricorn; tricorne
a trademark for a brand of firearm, Computerized O.T.C. traders-assistance system that provides for trade entry and position monitoring, among other functions.Colt
ability to do something well, aptitude; proficiency, expertise; craft or trade that requires special training, something requiring training to do wellskill
ability to perceive sensation; responsiveness; delicateness, state of requiring special treatment or care; susceptibility to outside influences; quality of being temperamentalsensitiveness
ability to perceive sensation; responsiveness; delicateness, state of requiring special treatment or care; susceptibility to outside influences; quality of being temperamentalsensitivity
ability, bore of firearm, diameter (of a gun barrel, artery, etc.); quality; importance, size of bulletcaliber
able to be guaranteed; able to be authorized; confirmable; insane, legally able to be committed to an insane asylum, requiring psychiatric treatment, worthy of certificationcertifiable
able to be returned, can be returned, can be given back, container returned to recover deposit, requiring responsereturnable
able to measure small differences, able to perceive sensation, having the capacity for feeling; susceptible to external influences or agents; responsive, reactive; delicate, requiring special care or treatment, touchy; responding acutely to emotional s...sensitive
acquired in school or college, ceremonious; conventional; according to custom; stiff; strict; symmetrical; requiring fancy dress, clothes, conventionally correct, elegant to wear, important occasion, methodical, not familiar in style, occasion which re...formal
act of demanding and obtaining something, extortion, act of demanding or requiring more than is reasonable, payment obtained by force, unfair demandexaction
act of drawing back the hammer of firearm for firingcocking
act of striking with hammer; act of hitting or striking repeatedlyhammering
act of tilting, canvas cover, charge with a lance, combat, criticism, criticize, have as a preference, inclination; bending; attack, onslaught, incline, slant, joust, joust with somebody, lance thrust, point a lance, slope, tilt hammer, use a tilt hamm...tilt
activity requiring agility, art of an acrobat, gymnastic feats performed by an acrobat, gymnastics, virtuoso performanceacrobatics
African fruit bat, hammerhead shark, hammerkop, head of a hammer; type of shark having a head which resembles a double-headed hammer, tropical African wading bird, umbrettehammerhead
agree on or establish, play music energetically, shape with a hammerhammer out
alert and resourceful, something requiring attention, warningheads-up
ammunition used in firearm, cartridge, ammunition for a gun; round character put at the beginning of a paragraph for emphasis (Computers), fast ball, repayment of loanbullet
ancient type of portable firearm having a long barrel, arquebus, hackbut, heavy portable gunharquebus
arduousness, quality of requiring extreme effort; quality of being vigorous and energeticstrenuousness
aspiring, desirous of success ; requiring great effort, having strong desire for success, needing great effort to succeed, strongly desirousambitious
assault or attack somebody, criticize somebody or something fiercely, hammer, sledge-hammer; brawl, handle somebody or something roughly, intimidate, log-splitting hammer//mau-mau, pile-driving hammer, vtmau-mau, wound, crush, mutilate; behave crudely;...maul
athletics field event, hammerhammer throw
attach a handle (to an axe, hammer, etc.), handle (of an axe, tool handlehelve
attach with nails, catch or convict guilty person, claw, do precisely or well, expose untruth, fix steadily, hammer a nail; attach with a nail; shut up (a box, container, etc.) with nails; arrest, trap; catch in lie; focus in on, set firmly on; find; p...nail
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