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(Food) dish made of whipped eggs that is cooked until set and (usually) filled with cheese or other vegetables (also omelet)omelette
(Food) dish made of whipped eggs that is cooked until set and (usually) filled with cheese or other vegetables (also omelette)omelet
(Medicine) chronic progressive disease characterized by the formation of fluid-filled cavities in the spinal cord (causes motor and sensory disturbances, and paralysis), spinal disease that causes paralysissyringomyelia
100 percent humidity, act of soaking, act of filling to capacity; state of being soaked, state of being filled to capacity; purity of tint, percentage of white in a given color, color intensity, comprehensive, condition of stable output current, full s...saturation
a trademark for a cream-filled sandwich cookieOreo
abnormal spherical swelling, air-filled cavity in seaweeds, hollow organ or cavity, protective covering around parasite, protective sac enclosing organism, resting spore, saclike growth containing fluidcyst
accumulate something, attract following, bring close, bring together, assemble, collect; amass, accumulate; harvest; conclude, deduce, collect ideas or data, draw on something, fold in fabric, form into group, form pus-filled head, gathering in, drawin...gather
act of hitting ball, attempt, attempt to score, blasting explosion, bullet or cannonball, camera view, chance at winning, continuous uninterrupted film sequence, filled with particular quality, firing of a bullet or other projectile from a weapon; rang...shot
act of rocking, be filled with rock music, bring to a state by rocking, have strong beat, play or dance to rock music, roughen copper plate, shake or tremble, shock, stone; rock music; back and forth movement, shaking; diamond (Slang), sway to and fro,...rock
act of sounding bell, band of matter circling planet, bell sound, boxing, bullring, call on the telephone (British); bid, summon; encircle, surround; form into a ring; sound a bell; seem, appear; resound, be filled with sound; reverberate, echo, circle...ring
affected by smoke, colored like smoke, emitting smoke; full of smoke; hazy, cloudy; darkened with smoke; resembling smoke; gray, having the color of smoke; flavored with smoke, filled with smoke, giving off excessive smoke, tasting of smokesmoky
air-filled cavityair vesicle
air-filled cavity in bird, alveolus, respiration aid in insectair sac
aircraft dome, bubble on paint, bubble; pimple; raised bubble on the skin that is filled with pus; raised area just under the top layer of a structure; bubble-like structure on a plane or aviation vehicle (e.g. for shooting the guns from a bomber), cau...blister
ambitious, ambitiously, enthusiastic, filled, full-bodied, great, important, large; important; adult, full-grown, magnanimous, of great power, of great size, older, pregnant, significant, significantly great, successfullybig
any blood vessel, blood vessel which carries blood to the heart; any blood vessel (Informal); bundle of sap-carrying vessels in plants; band of ore between rock layers; pervading quality, mood; vessels in insect wings, disposition, fissure filled with ...vein
aquatic zoo, container for fish, water-filled glass for keeping and exhibiting fishaquarium
area containing buried waste, burial of waste material, buried waste material, sanitary landfill, trash heap, dump, land area that is filled with trash and covered with a layer of soillandfill
area containing explosive mines, area filled with hidden explosives, hazardous situationminefield
as much as a house will hold, full house, having a house filled to capacityhouseful
bag filled with sand (used to build protective walls), bag of sand used as weapon, coerce somebody, delay negotiations, fortify with sandbags; coerce, intimidate (Informal), knock somebody or something down, protect something with sandbags, sack of sandsandbag
bag for carrying water, fluid-filled sac surrounding fetuswater bag
baked dish made from layers of pasta and tomato sauce filled with cheese and sometimes meatlasagna
basin contents, bowl; valley, bowl-shaped depression, circular formation of sloping rock strata, depression in land filled with water, dock near sea, land draining into river or lake, open container for washingbasin
be especially lively with emotion, blister, gas-filled sac; effervescence, dome, effervesce or boil up, emerge or appear, express something enthusiastically, false confidence, globule within liquid or solid, gurgle, gurgling sound, make something bubbl...bubble
be extremely well known, be filled with a reverberating sound, echo, reverberate, resonate, ring out, make a reverberating sound, say something so that it echoes, sound clearlyresound
be flushed with embarrassment, emit a soft steady light, emit light and heat, feel warm and contented, gleam; radiate; shine; blush, redden, turn red or pink; be filled with a strong emotion (i.e. joy, pride, anger, etc.), happy feeling, light from som...glow
be plentiful, be abundant; be filled with; overflow with, be well suppliedabound
bean-filled bag used in games, large cushion used as seat, small bag filled with beans (used as a toy)beanbag
become enthusiastic, become friendly, close, enthusiastic or ardent, fresh, getting warm, heat up; excite; be excited; arouse affection; be filled with affection, heated by metabolism, make somebody happy, make warm, passionate, providing warmth, quick...warm
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