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(from Krav Maga) the official self defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forcesmaga
(Internet) rant or write unceasingly and fanatically on a relatively dull subject with an obviously absurd attitude or with animosity toward a particular person or group of people on Usenet; write insulting words about a person, angry e-mail message, b...flame
(Medicine) disorder caused by an excess of bile in the blood (characterized by yellowness of the skin, lethargy and loss of appetite); cynical attitude, prejudice, bitterness, affect somebody with jaundice, cynical state of mind, distort, bias, warp, i...jaundice
abduct, remove secretly; invigorate, enliven, animate, alcoholic drink, alcoholic solution, attitude, disposition, distilled liquid, enthusiasm, group loyaltyspirit
act of deviating; aberration, abnormality; divergence, change or difference, compass error, difference from statistical average, unacceptable behavior or attitudedeviation
act of fighting with blows (as in boxing practice); quarrelingsparring
act of grinding or crushing; manufacturing of a product in a mill; wandering about in a group of people; fighting (Slang), ridged coin edgemilling
act of turning to face the opposite direction from the original position (Military); complete change in position or attitude, reversal, turn aroundabout-face
action of struggling with somebody, sport with two contestants fighting, grappling, contending; sport in which two contestants struggle and try to pin one another to the floorwrestling
actively hostile attitude, advantage of not having to move, astrologically opposing planetary position, celestial body alignment, linguistic contrast, Moon or planet position, out-of-power political party, phonetic contrast between sounds, relations be...opposition
activity, something that is being done; energetic or vigorous activity; movement, motion; effect; lawsuit; combat, doing something toward goal, events, exciting or profitable activity, fighting during war, force, function or influence, legal proceeding...action
acts of hostility, fighting, warfarehostilities
addiction, attitude, clothe somebody specially, clothing of religious order, custom, something that one is used to doing, growth pattern, shape of a crystal, something done all the timehabit
adversely, in a negative manner; with a negative attitude, not positively, pessimistically, saying "no", with negative electrical chargenegatively
aggressive, combative, belligerent; engaged in warfare, involved in fighting, one who has aggressive or combative tendencies; one who is engaged in warfare, somebody aggressively supporting causemilitant
agreed break in arguing, agreed break in fighting, agreement to stop fighting, armistice, cease fire; relief from troubletruce
agreement to stop fighting, order to stop firingceasefire
ancient 2-wheeled vehicle, ceremonial carriage, two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage used for fighting and racingchariot
ancient war machine, type of donkey in southeastern Asia; ancient fighting weapon used to throw stones, wild Asian assonager
apathy; indifference; composure, casual attitudenonchalance
appeal to feeling, deep feeling, especially in art, emotion; attitude, opinion; tender emotion, general feeling, mental feeling, underlying feelingsentiment
appear in certain way, appearance, arrive, be visible, blood indicating start of labor, come in third, demonstrate qualities, demonstrate something for instruction, demonstration, display attitude, display for sale, establish something using reason,
appearance, assist somebody or something, attitude or approval, be careful with something, face, kind act, kindness; approval; bias, prejudice; preferential treatment; small gift; ribbon, badge of loyalty, prefer somebody or something, prefer; show kin...favor
area containing particular substance, area in casino, area on floor of exchange, arena for fighting, big hole in ground, concave spot on plant wall, fruit kernel, Hell, hole in ground for mining, hole; mine; trap; ring where animal fights take place; d...pit
arm with a gaff, catch fish with hooked pole, cheat or swindle, gimmick used in a hoax, harpoon, spear (for spearing fish), hook for somebody maintaining overhead line, hooked fish pole, metal spur on fighting cock, nonsense, pole at top of sail, spear...gaff
armed fighting between groups, battle, combat, struggle; be in a state of war, be in a struggle, conflict, make war, methods of warfare, of combat, pertaining to war, period during war, serious effort to end something, state or period of combat between...war
arrangement of parts, assume stance, attitude, body position, carriage, cultivated position, deceptive stance, make a posture, pose conveying attitude, set in a particular position; stand in a particular position; pretend, feign, viewpoint, standpoint;...posture
art of sword fighting; fences; material for constructing fences; use of witty remarks to avoid answering direct questions, dealing in stolen goods, evasiveness, fence materials, reparteefencing
attack, hostile attitude or behavior, hostile behavior; attack, offensiveaggression
attitude characterized by the expectation of defeat and failuredefeatism
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