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electromagnetic wavesradiant energy
(Astronomy) celestial body which radiates electromagnetic pulses at regular intervals (believed to be a rapidly spinning neutron star), pulsating starpulsar
(Physics) electromagnetic device that separates isotopes by their massescalutron
(symbol) Rwanda franc, Radio Frequency; frequency of the radio waves on which a transmission is broadcast, reconnaissance fighter, regular forces, releasing factor, representative fraction, République française, Reserve Force, retention factor, right...RF
(symbol) sigma, waves per unit distancewave number
Å, angstrom unit, unit of measurement equal to a hundred-millionth of a centimeter (used to measure the wavelengths of light), unit used to measure electromagnetic radiationangstrom
abnormal heart or brain rhythm, disturbance in the regular pattern of brain wavesdysrhythmia
act of impeding or obstructing; scrambling of waves or signals (Physics, Electronics); something which scrambles waves or signals (Physics, Electronics); blocking of an opposing player (Sports), hindrance, illegal obstruction, legal blocking, meddling ...interference
act of riding ocean waves with a surfboard; act of "surfing the Internet", act of navigating from site to site on the Internet (Computers)surfing
act of waving the hand, be or make slightly curled, continuous rippling movement by sports crowd, direct somebody or something by waving, flutter; make an up and down gesture with the hand; move in waves; have a wavy appearance; curl; be curled (hair)wave
act with or feel rage, anger, fury; instance of violent weather (of the wind, waves, etc.); desire, passion, be furiously angry, behave furiously, be irate, extreme anger, force or intensity, object of fad, occur with violence, strong passion or enthus...rage
adaptive radiation, effect of radiating, energy emitted in rays or waves, energy radiated in the form of waves or particles; process of emitting energy in electromagnetic waves or moving particles; act of emitting, act of beaming or glowing, particles ...radiation
alter course of wave of energy, cause energy or light waves to bend as they pass from one medium into a second medium in which the energy travels at a different speed, measure degree of refraction in something, show something through a different mediumrefract
alteration of the frequency of transmitting waves to reduce static in the transmitted sound or image, method of radio broadcastingfrequency modulation
analog, done with the fingers, like a finger, representing data as numbers, representing sound/light waves as numbers, using numbers, with numbersdigital
anger, irritate, annoy, get somebody angry, make waves in waterrile
annoy somebody, beat ruffle on a drum, behave arrogantly, gather into pleats, crease; muss, dishevel; agitate, disturb; annoy, irritate, gather or pleat, glance quickly through something, irritating thing, low drumbeat, make feathers erect, make waves ...ruffle
apparent change in the frequency of sound or light waves due to a change in the distance between the source of the waves and the receiver, blueshift, change in frequency because of motion, Doppler shift, see also:Doppler shift, see also:redshiftDoppler effect
architectural instrument, device that records short movements, device that records wavescymograph
armor, protective covering; framework around which an artist forms a sculpture; part of an electric generator, framework for a sculpture, keeper, keeper for magnet, moving part in electromagnetic device, protective partarmature
arrange windows to overlap, fall, pour out, flow (as in a waterfall), flowing liquid, hang or lie, hanging mass, succession, waterfall; waves, billows (of fabric or hair); (Internet) addition of quoted text to a follow-up message on the Internetcascade
arrogance, channel, sandbar, splash, splash of a liquid; sound of liquid splashing; piece of land over which waves flow, sandbank; narrow channel through which tides flow; boastful manner, insolent behavior, splash something, make a splashing sound; da...swash
artificial source of light, carrying small weights, come to rest, consuming little of something, dawn, daylight, delicately flavored, dizzy, easily awakened, easily digested, easily worked, easy to do, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiati...light
atmospheric interference with electronic signals, atmospheric phenomenon that cause disturbances in the reception of radio waves, prevailing mood, sferics, study of atmospheric interferenceatmospherics
audible to human ear, of or pertaining to sound; of or pertaining to the speed of sound, produced by or relating to sound waves, relating to sound or sound waves, relating to speed of soundsonic
barrier protecting land from waves, pier, quay; barrier which breaks the force of wavesbreakwater
behave in bullying way, blow loudly in gusts, loud bullying or bragging speech, loud fuss, noise of waves; noise of a strong wind; boastfulness; threat, rage, roar, storm; shout; boast, swagger, speak or utter loudly or arrogantly, sudden loud gust of ...bluster
behavior as waves or particleswave-particle duality
bending of waves, process of breaking up or bending waves (especially light or sound waves)diffraction
blow powerfully and rapidly (as the wind); move with a powerful sound of current (as the waves), make rushing sound, move fast, noise of rushing air or water, sound made by the flow of water or a gust of wind, swift motion or rushwhoosh
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