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dropsy, abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body (Medicine)hydrops
dropsy, abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body (Medicine)hydropsy
(about a gel) changing into a fluid when stirred or shaken (Chemistry), sometimes fluid and sometimes a gelthixotropic
(about a man) physically attractive, having a well-formed body (Slang), OK, good, satisfactory; equal, balanced (Slang), with good physiquehunky
(about horses) having an abnormal bony growth on the footringboned
(also mollusc) invertebrate animal with a soft body and a hard shell (i.e. oysters, mussels, snails, cuttlefish, etc.), clam, slug, or octopusmollusk
(Anatomy) any of several hollow cavities or passages in the body; one of the hollow cavities in the skull that connects to the nasal passages, cavity in bone of skull, channel for blood, channel leading from body cavity, notch between leavessinus
(Anatomy) outer layer or region (of the brain, etc.); outer layer of tissue (Botany), outer layer of body part, tissue layercortex
(Anthropology) pertaining to anthropometry (measurement of the human body and its proportions)anthropometric
(Astronomy) celestial body which radiates electromagnetic pulses at regular intervals (believed to be a rapidly spinning neutron star), pulsating starpulsar
(Automative) type of of vehicle construction in which the body is united with the frame and machinery; type of construction in which the outer layer absorbs all or most of the stress, integrated car design, metal outer shellmonocoque
(Biochemistry) cause the formation of a corpus luteum; become a corpus luteum (yellow ovarian body)luteinize
(Biochemistry) formation of a corpus luteum (yellow ovarian body)luteinization
(Biology) body of an organism (excluding reproductive cells), all body cells except germ cells, body as distinct from mind, intoxicating drink in Hindu scripture, plant soma is made fromsoma
(Biology) cell containing a double set of chromosomes arranged in homologous pairs within its nucleus (most cells in the body are diploids except gametes), with two matched chromosome setsdiploid
(Biology) growth of an organ in relation to growth of the whole body; scientific study of relative growth, measuring relative growth rateallometry
(Biology) in a catabolic manner (pertaining to the breaking down of plant and animal material in the body to release energy)catabolically
(British) pants, garment that covers the body from the waist down to the legs having separate parts of the garment to cover each legtrousers
(Bureau of) Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, automatic transmission fluidATF
(Chemistry) by microelectrophoresis (technique for observing the movement of microscopic particles in a fluid under the influence of a magnetic field)microelectrophoretically
(Chemistry) crystalline glucoside found in the bark of some varieties of tree (used in fever and pain relieving medications), medicine from tree barksalicin
(Chemistry) derived from propionic acid (type of acid used in food, perfumes, and medicine)propionic
(Chemistry) of microelectrophoresis (technique for observing the movement of microscopic particles in a fluid under the influence of an electrical field)microelectrophoretic
(in Medicine) substance that blocks the benefits of calcium and is used as a drug to widen blood vessels (when treating heart disease or a lack of blood supply to the heart)Nifedipine
(in vertebrates) section of the body between the thorax and the pelvis in which most of the digestive organs are located, belly; section of the body behind the thorax (Entomology), body section containing stomach, rear part of insectabdomen
(Informal) collective body of clerks, bureaucracy (especially of bureaucracy that is annoying or inefficient), bureaucrats and bureaucracyofficialdom
(Medicine) abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland (also goiter)goitre
(Medicine) abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland (also goitre), strumagoiter
(Medicine) accumulation of pus in a body cavity (especially in the lungs), accumulation of pus in body cavityempyema
(Medicine) any disease of the blood vessels (esp. one that is a complication of diabetes), blood vessel diseaseangiopathy
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