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direct payment from bank accountdirect debit
(British) credit transfer system between public institutions, bank transfer system, benefit checkgiro
(Computers) sign up, inform a newsgroup program that a user wants to regularly read a certain newsgroup; inform a mailing list server that a user wants to read a certain group, guarantee to invest in something, make advance payment for something, promi...subscribe
(Grammar) quality of being without a direct object (of a verb)intransitiveness
(Grammar) without a direct object (of a verb)intransitively
(Hebrew) scroll of religious writings; lengthy detailed explanation (Slang), Hebrew scroll, overly elaborate accountmegillah
(in Dominoes) bank of dominoes that remains after each player has taken a turn; cemetery; place where bones of wild animals are collected; place where old vehicles are stored and used for scrap metal (cars, planes, etc.), place for discarded objectsboneyard
(Law) payment for grinding or milling (Scottish)multure
(Printing) number of lines; payment according to the number of lines, lineage, number of printed lines, payment by the linelinage
(Slang) evade the payment of gambling debts (sometimes offensive)welsh
(Slang) one who avoids payment of gambling debt (sometimes offensive)welsher
>:Judaea, Judah, region in southwestern Asia, incorporating parts of Israel and the West Bank, southern region of ancient PalestineJudea
A bank depositing Eurodollars with (selling Eurodollars to) another bank is often said to be making a placement.Placement
a bank-guaranteed checkcertified check
A bill of exchange representing a draft on a bank from deposited funds that pays a certain sum of money to a certain person or party.Check
A collection and processing service provided to firms by banks, which collect payments from a dedicated postal box that the firm directs its customers to send payment to. The banks make several collections per day, process the payments immediately, and...Lockbox
A federal institution that insures bank deposits.Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (F.D.I.C.)
A futuresexchange member who tradessecurities for his or her own account.Local
A government bond with no maturity . Popular in Great Britain. The formula for valuing these bonds is simple. The consol payment divided by yield to maturity is the price of the bond.Consol
A leverageable account in which stocks can be purchased for a combination of cash and a loan. The loan in the margin account is collateralized by the stock and, if the value of the stock drops sufficiently, the owner will be asked to either put in more...Margin account (Stocks)
a movement, act of moving, application to a judge or court, indicate, intimate, direct, movement from one note to another, gesture; proposal for discussion; request for a court order (Law); transition from one pitch to another (Musical), passing of sol...motion
A person receiving payment through any form of money transfer method.Payee
a ravine or steep bankbarranca; barranco
A regular periodic payment made by an insurance company to a policyholder for a specified period of time.Annuity
A retirement account that may be established by an employed person. IRA contributions are tax deductible and the gains made in the account are tax deferred.Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
A term used to refer to a property which is owned by one party while a second party reserves the right to make a valid claim on that property e.g. a bank on a home mortgage.Encumbered
A.C., da capo, direct current, District Commissioner, District of ColumbiaD.C.
ability to be paid off; ability to be regained through payment; ability to be converted into its cash value; ability to be delivered from sin or evil; ability to be fulfilled; ability to make amendsredeemability
able to be explained, responsible, answerable, obligated to give an account; explainableaccountable
abrupt change in direction, sudden turn, abrupt change of direction, turn abruptly, suddenly change direction, turn away from a direct courseswerve
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