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desiring, expressing desire to do somethingdesiderative
(Grammar) conjunction that expresses an oppositional relationship between two items (i.e. "or" in the phrase "one or the other"), containing or related to a disjunction, contrast word, dividing, showing contrast, tending to separate; expressing an oppo...disjunctive
(Grammar) expressing exhortationcohortative
(Grammar) imperfect tense, form which expresses an ongoing action; verb form in the imperfect tense, ending on 5th note of scale, expressing incomplete action, faulty, not able to reproduce, not complete, not perfect, not perfect; flawed, defective; of...imperfect
(Grammar) noun; word or phrase functioning as a noun, directly attaching as dye color, essential, existing independently; real, tangible; substantial; of or pertaining to the essence of something; functioning as a noun (Grammar); expressing existence (...substantive
(Grammar) verb form used to show that the subject is being acted upon (rather than performing an action), expressing action done to the subject, influenced by something external, lacking a power source, not actively taking part, not managed by the inve...passive
(Grammar) word that denotes a part of a whole (i.e. some, half), expressing part of something, partitive construction, separating, dividing into parts; of part of the whole (Grammar)partitive
(Law) part of the phrase "nolo contendere" ("without desire to stand trial, " plea by the defendant to receive judgment without technically admitting guilt)contendere
(Psychology) pertaining to conation (conscious or unconscious mental striving towards a goal); expressing effort (Grammar)conative
(Slang) disregard or ignore, neglect, emphatic "what", expressing mild disagreement, no matter what, of any kind, pron. whichever; any one; any; anything; what, whichever; any; anything; any amount; so be itwhatever
(Slang) sexually promiscuous man, man who engages in frequent and/or indiscriminate sexual encounters; craving, strong desire (esp. sexual desire), lechletch
20th century art movement stressing the expression of subjective experience rather than a literal representation of reality, art movement concentrating on expressing emotion, literary movement presenting stylized realityexpressionism
ability or willingness to fight, battle, combat; wrestle; quarrel; boxing match; desire to do battle, battle; combat; wrestle; advance through great effort, box against somebody, carry on battle or contest, go to war, oppose something, struggle, strugg...fight
able to increase physical desire, drug or food that arouses sexual desire, something arousing sexual desire, stimulatingaphrodisiac
able to suppress sexual desire, drug reducing sexual desire, substance that suppresses sexual driveanaphrodisiac
abnormal desire to live in open spaces or in an isolated area (Psychology)agromania
abnormal male sex drive, condition characterized by uncontrollable sexual desire (in men)satyriasis
abnormally huge appetite, diet of many foods, strong desire to eat; excessive need to eat; practice of feeding on many types of food (Zoology)polyphagia
abnormally strong desire to eat, excessive craving for food (Pathology)sitomania
absurd, angry, causing controversy, close, current or topical, desire, eager, exciting, in an elevated energy state, infectious or lethal, intense, intense or violent, intensely, inventive and exciting, keen, knowledgeable, live, lucky, near the
accomplish something, reach specified state, achieve, fulfill (goal, desire, etc.)attain
accurately, clearly, exactly, accurately; definitely, certainly, surely, expressing agreement, in detail, used for emphasisprecisely
accusatory, blaming; rebuking, admonishing; expressing censure, condemnatory, disapprovingreproachful
achievement or distinction, astounding beauty, awesome splendor, exaltation, expressing surprise, exult, rejoice, fame; honor; praise; splendor; beauty, halo, heaven, praise of deityglory
act lewd; behave wildly; waste irresponsibly, be wanton, desiring to do harm, excessive, lewd or lascivious person; pampered person; one who is flirtatious, lush, playful, random, sexually indiscriminate, somebody growing unruly, somebody playful, some...wanton
act of choosing, ballots cast, cast a ballot; officially choose one out of a number of options; voice a suggestion, formal choice for or against something, indicate formal preference, means of expressing a vote, opinion expressed, potential voters,
act of expressing a wish, ask for, petition for, ask politely for something, ask somebody for something, expression of a polite wish or desire, music that has been asked for, instance of asking for something; something that is asked for, object of a pe...request
act of expressing in words (especially orally); act of making a word into a verb (Grammar)verbalization
act of expressing objection, act of making a statement of protest; expression of protest, statement of objectionremonstration
act of giving in to desire; something which gratifies, luxury; leniency, tolerance; humoring, pampering; partial remission of punishment (Roman Catholicism), remission of punishment for sin, something allowed as luxury, time for repayment, tolerant att...indulgence
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