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colorless poisonous gas used mainly in the manufacture of cellulose acetate and aspirin (Chemistry), toxic gasketene
(1919-1933) period during which the Eighteenth Amendment was in effect and the sale manufacture and transportation of alcoholic beverages was illegal (U.S. History)Prohibition
(about a chemical compound) quality of being optically inactive because it contains equal amounts of levorotatory and dextrorotatory isomers of the same compound (Chemistry)racemism
(about a gel) changing into a fluid when stirred or shaken (Chemistry), sometimes fluid and sometimes a gelthixotropic
(about a molecule) having a head end that attracts water and a tail end that repels it, hydrophilic at one end and hydrophobic at the other (Chemistry)amphipathic
(about fats) containing two or more double bonds in each molecule (Chemistry), low in cholesterolpolyunsaturated
(Ac) radioactive metallic element (Chemistry), radioactive elementactinium
(Ag) monovalent silver (Chemistry), precious metal having a shiny white colorargentum
(Ag) whitish metallic element (Chemistry); element used to make jewelry, coins, etc.; coins made of silver; money; silverware; grayish-white metallic color, `:Ag, coat something with silversilver
(Ba) white metallic element (Chemistry), `:Ba, silver-white chemical elementbarium
(Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy) monad (simplest indivisible unit, entity, or cell)monas
(Cd) bluish-white toxic metallic element related to zinc and sometimes found in zinc ores (Chemistry), `:Cd, metallic chemical elementcadmium
(Chemistry) able to be hydrolyzed, able to be broken down by means of water (of a chemical compound)hydrolyzable
(Chemistry) able to crystallize into a form similar to that of a different compound or mineral (of a compound or mineral), able to crystallize like another chemicalisomorphous
(Chemistry) acid phosphate, mixture containing calcium acid phosphate and calcium sulfate (mainly used as an agricultural fertilizer)superphosphate
(Chemistry) act of combining with an acid to form a salt; act of mixing with a saltsalification
(Chemistry) act or process of depolymerizing, act or process of separating a polymer into monomers (also depolymerisation)depolymerization
(Chemistry) add carbolic acid (antiseptic substance)carbolize
(Chemistry) any of several compounds comprised of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms (used in many industrial applications), see also:siloxane, silicon-based compoundsilicone
(Chemistry) as pertains to isotopes, by means of isotopes (form of a chemical element which has the same atomic number as the other forms but a different atomic weight)isotopically
(Chemistry) binary compound of iodine; salt or ester of hydriodic acid, salt of hydriodic acidiodide
(Chemistry) bluish-white metal which resembles tin (found in zinc ores)Cd (cadmium)
(Chemistry) break down a polymer into monomers (also depolymerise), break down a moleculedepolymerize
(Chemistry) break down a polymer into monomers (also depolymerize)depolymerise
(Chemistry) by microelectrophoresis (technique for observing the movement of microscopic particles in a fluid under the influence of a magnetic field)microelectrophoretically
(Chemistry) C5H8, compound found in plant essential oils and which belongs to the family of natural unsaturated hydrocarbons derived from isoprene units (aromatic that is used in food and perfumes), chemical from essential oilsterpene
(Chemistry) can be combined with an acid to form a salt; can be mixed with a saltsalifiable
(Chemistry) change into an isomer (chemical compound which has the same number and kind of atoms as another but differs in structural arrangement), make or become isomericisomerize
(Chemistry) chemical agent that forms a gradient in concentration and exercises control over morphogenesis, substance important for development of embryomorphogen
(Chemistry) chemical reaction that forms an esteresterification
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colorless poisonous gas used mainly in the manufacture of cellulose acetate and aspirin (Chemistry), toxic gas vaart a mitui un martor talousrakennus collect my thoughts being truly angry ligne, suite; matrice (maths) industrijska marikultura polecać easily upset, of temperament, unpredictable, variable, changeable, irritable 蕭昭文 萧昭文 Enjoy your meal!, Bon appetit! female monitor, monitress الشمسي يعمل ب зноў to correspond, answering (one another), to agree (among the part), corresponding, relevant, appropriate, (modify) accordingly வெட்டுதல், கிழித்தல் permagnusum assistant inspector epitaksiaalinen cwaniak; kanciarz; krętacz; kłamca; macher; matacz; oszust; spryciarz; szachraj; szuler شابلن - ممثّل كوميديّ و منتج أفلام إنجليزي cañon, channel, gully, deep valley katamen gramme مسمار كبير الرأس drvo, poprečni presjek peruť 典礼 [dian-li] whopper computing environment vështrim الإحاطة آنتانافاريفو modelować التعقيم advance for starting up business, advance money to, advance payment, money advanced to prospector, provide assistance (monetary or otherwise) in return for a share in profits, stake gëzoj المحارب، المقاتل ، الجندى one of four backmost teeth Ubi concordia, ibi victoria czysty; estetyczny (książk.); schludny; uporządkowany gospođica hechizar presiune variabilă (pe ramificaţii) The man of upright life and free from crime has no need of Moorish javelin or bow. (Horace) minulle on kerrottu шасси (n.) actual or mental picture, conspicuous example, create image of, describe something in visual terms, example of figurative language, figure; form; reflection; picture; likeness; embodiment, imagine; draw a likeness; describe; reflect; picture in the min... grado