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chemical used for organic compoundspentene
(about a chemical compound) quality of being optically inactive because it contains equal amounts of levorotatory and dextrorotatory isomers of the same compound (Chemistry)racemism
(Ba) white metallic element (Chemistry), `:Ba, silver-white chemical elementbarium
(Be) lightweight metallic chemical element commonly used in alloys, `:Beberyllium
(Biochemistry) any of a number of fats or fat-like compounds that are insoluble in water (also lipide)lipide
(Biochemistry) phospholipid, fatty compound comprised of a fatty acid bonded to a phosphate group and an organic molecule (major component of cell membranes)phosphatide
(Biology) in a heterotrophic manner (deriving energy from externally produced organic compounds)heterotrophically
(Biology) produce chemical compounds using solar energy (esp. in plants), to produce carbohydrates by photosynthesisphotosynthesize
(Cd) bluish-white toxic metallic element related to zinc and sometimes found in zinc ores (Chemistry), `:Cd, metallic chemical elementcadmium
(Chemistry) able to be hydrolyzed, able to be broken down by means of water (of a chemical compound)hydrolyzable
(Chemistry) able to crystallize into a form similar to that of a different compound or mineral (of a compound or mineral), able to crystallize like another chemicalisomorphous
(Chemistry) any of several compounds comprised of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms (used in many industrial applications), see also:siloxane, silicon-based compoundsilicone
(Chemistry) as pertains to isotopes, by means of isotopes (form of a chemical element which has the same atomic number as the other forms but a different atomic weight)isotopically
(Chemistry) C5H8, compound found in plant essential oils and which belongs to the family of natural unsaturated hydrocarbons derived from isoprene units (aromatic that is used in food and perfumes), chemical from essential oilsterpene
(Chemistry) change into an isomer (chemical compound which has the same number and kind of atoms as another but differs in structural arrangement), make or become isomericisomerize
(Chemistry) chemical agent that forms a gradient in concentration and exercises control over morphogenesis, substance important for development of embryomorphogen
(Chemistry) chemical reaction that forms an esteresterification
(Chemistry) colorless flammable liquid used in the manufacture of cosmetics and as a solvent; any of a class of compounds created by the combination of aldehydes and alcohol, colorless chemical solvent, organic compoundacetal
(Chemistry) compound composed of and organic ring and metallic ions (such as hemoglobin in the blood, chlorophyll in plants, etc.), combine to form chelate, compound of metal and nonmetal, having a chela (claw); of a chelate compound (Chemistry), havin...chelate
(Chemistry) containing menthol (chemical substance causing a cool sensation and used for medical and commercial purposes), flavored with mentholmentholated
(Chemistry) containing selenium, of selenium (chemical element)selenic
(Chemistry) crystalline chemical compound (used as a laxative), chemical indicatorphenolphthalein
(Chemistry) crystalline chemical compound derived from coal tar (used in the manufacture of dyes and medications), colorless hydrocarbonphenanthrene
(Chemistry) crystalline chemical substance (used as an insecticide and in medications), compound killing intestinal worms and insects, drug used to treat schizophreniaphenothiazine
(Chemistry) in an allotropic manner (existence of a chemical element in two or more different forms)allotropically
(Chemistry) of or pertaining to chemical compounds containing rings of more than one type of atom; of or pertaining to the branch of chemistry which studies such compounds, containing noncarbon atomheterocyclic
(Chemistry) of phthalein (chemical compound used in the production of dyes)phthalic
(Chemistry) organic compound composed of ethylene and ethanol (from which its name is derived)enol
(Chemistry) pertaining to carbolic acid (chemical substance used for disinfection)phenolic
(Chemistry) poisonous chemical compound composed of chlorinated camphene (used as an insecticide and rodenticide)toxaphene
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