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(Biology) in a catabolic manner (pertaining to the breaking down of plant and animal material in the body to release energy)catabolically
(Medicine) dissolution of red blood cells, breaking down of red blood cells (also haemolysis), destruction of blood cellshemolysis
(Medicine) dissolution of red blood cells, breaking down of red blood cells (also hemolysis)haemolysis
A technicality in some legislation that makes it possible to avoid certain consequences or circumvent a rule without breaking the law, such as in the use of a tax shelter.Loophole
ability to absorb ideas, ability to digest food, breaking down, process by which the body breaks down and absorbs food, processing of food in bodydigestion
ability to adapt to new situation, being able to bend without breaking, being subject to influence, elasticity, pliability, ability to bend or be bentflexibility
able to adapt to new situation, able to bend without breaking, elastic, easily bent, pliable, subject to influenceflexible
act of breaking apart, act of splitting; breach between people; share, portion; dessert of ice cream topped with fruit and other toppings; half pint, affect violently, arrangement of standing bowling pins, broken, burst, crack, depart, disunited, divid...split
act of breaking into safes in order to steal their contentssafecracking
act of breaking something, break (i.e. in a bone); act of breaking; state of being broken; split, crack, break of bone, break or crack, cause a break (i.e. in a bone); break, crack; be broken, be split, be cracked, cause or undergo damage, rock break, ...fracture
act of breaking up camp; act of leaving suddenly; abscondingdecampment
act of breaking up the larger parts by passing through a sieve, filtration; act of scattering, dispersal; careful examination, investigationsifting
act of cutting or scratching the skin; cuts, scratches; act of criticizing harshly; act of breaking, act of crumblingscarification
act of separating into component parts; breaking up into piecesfractionation
act of violating the law, act of breaking the law, transgressing, criminallawbreaking
act or instance of bursting forth suddenly; act or instance of breaking out (about a skin rash), emergence of tooth, outburst, rash or blemish on skin, violent release of materialeruption
actions or doctrines of iconoclasts, breaking of religious images, challenge to traditioniconoclasm
advocate of breaking awayseparatist
agricultural tool with spikes or disks for breaking up and leveling plowed ground earth, break up and level plowed ground by means of a harrow; bother, harass, break up land, farm machine for breaking up soil, harryharrow
approve of something, authorize; endorse, ratify; penalize or encourage as a means of enforcing a law, authorization, authorize something, penalty imposed for breaking rule, permission, authorization; approve; penalty imposed for disobedience of a law;...sanction
assessment, branch of mathematics, close examination, list of parts, process of breaking down a subject and studying it; examination, psychoanalysis, separation into components, way of expressing grammatical relationshipsanalysis
avoid bad situation, avoidance of bad situation, be temporarily unknown to, be uttered, break free from captivity, breaking free from captivity, computer key, escape code, exit computer procedure, gas or liquid leak, leak out, means of getting away, ru...escape
bad living conditions, breakdown of compound, decrease of energy, erosion, great humiliation, humiliating somebody, dishonor, disgrace; reduction (in size, amount, etc.); breaking down (Chemistry), loss of quality, process of declinedegradation
bad thing, card with two spots, number 2, playing card with two spots; side of a die bearing two spots; throw of the dice which totals two; score of 40 each or five games each (Tennis); two dollars or two pounds (Slang), tie-breaking situation, used to...deuce
bending of waves, process of breaking up or bending waves (especially light or sound waves)diffraction
big failure, blow, break into pieces, break with force, breaking into pieces, shattering; sound of something breaking into pieces, crash; collision, car crash; bankruptcy; defeat; violent blow, cocktail, defeat or destroy, great success, hit against so...smash
boat used to make a passage through ice; tool used to crush ice; opening remark or joke designed to put people at ease, iceboat, ship for breaking ice, something that relaxes groupicebreaker
bone cell, device for breaking bone in order to correct a defect; cell which absorbs tissue in order to form bone canals (Medicine), surgical instrumentosteoclast
bony tissue disintegration, surgical breaking of boneosteoclasis; osteoclasia
break a moral or religious law, transgress, commit an offense, breaking of a religious or moral law; offense, wrongdoing, commit shameful offense, estrangement from God, knowingly do wrong, see also:cos, sine, tan, transgression of theological principlessin
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