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(about women) experience menstruation, have monthly discharge of blood, get monthly period (Physiology), discharge menstrual bloodmenstruate
(Anatomy) any of several hollow cavities or passages in the body; one of the hollow cavities in the skull that connects to the nasal passages, cavity in bone of skull, channel for blood, channel leading from body cavity, notch between leavessinus
(Anthropology) dark-skinned, black-skinned; of Black and dark-skinned African races (derogatory in modern usage), member of a Black or dark-skinned African race (Anthropology); African-American (derogatory in modern usage)negro
(Biochemistry) of opsonin (substance in the blood which aids in the destruction of bacteria), of opsoninsopsonic
(Biochemistry) production of opsonin (substance in the blood which aids in the elimination of bacteria)opsonize
(Biology) dyed only by neutral dyes (about white blood cells)neutrophilic
(Biology) having a lobular nucleus (about white blood cells)polymorphonuclear
(Biology) pertaining to the endothelium (layer of cells lining the heart, blood and lymph vessels, and serous cavities)endothelial
(Biology) tumor of the endothelium (layer of cells lining the heart, blood and lymph vessels, and serous cavities)endothelioma
(Chemistry) compound composed of and organic ring and metallic ions (such as hemoglobin in the blood, chlorophyll in plants, etc.), combine to form chelate, compound of metal and nonmetal, having a chela (claw); of a chelate compound (Chemistry), havin...chelate
(French) "cold blood", coolness of mind, composuresangfroid
(Immunology) of an antibody which causes the production of agglutinins (substance which causes blood clotting)agglutinogenic
(in Medicine) substance that blocks the benefits of calcium and is used as a drug to widen blood vessels (when treating heart disease or a lack of blood supply to the heart)Nifedipine
(Medicine) any disease of the blood vessels (esp. one that is a complication of diabetes), blood vessel diseaseangiopathy
(Medicine) any of several problems related to the brain and its blood vessels (such as stroke, hemorrhage, etc.), CVA, cause of strokecerebrovascular accident
(Medicine) blood poisoning, illness characterized by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the blood (also septicaemia), blood diseasesepticemia
(Medicine) blood poisoning, illness characterized by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the blood (also septicemia)septicaemia
(Medicine) blood test performed used to determine compatibility between donor and recipient (performed before transplants, transfusions, etc.)crossmatch
(Medicine) disease caused by pyogenic bacteria in the blood (characterized by localized abscesses, fever, and jaundice)pyaemia
(Medicine) disease caused by pyogenic bacteria in the blood (characterized by localized abscesses, fever, and jaundice)pyemia
(Medicine) disorder caused by an excess of bile in the blood (characterized by yellowness of the skin, lethargy and loss of appetite); cynical attitude, prejudice, bitterness, affect somebody with jaundice, cynical state of mind, distort, bias, warp, i...jaundice
(Medicine) dissolution of red blood cells, breaking down of red blood cells (also haemolysis), destruction of blood cellshemolysis
(Medicine) dissolution of red blood cells, breaking down of red blood cells (also hemolysis)haemolysis
(Medicine) excessively high amount of uric acid in the blood (also lithaemia)lithemia
(Medicine) hormone that is produced in the thyroid gland and serves to regulate blood calcium levels (given as a medication to treat hypercalcemia), calcium-controlling hormone, thyrocalcitonincalcitonin
(Medicine) infection caused by parasitic bacteria from the genus Schistosoma (causes anemia, pain, and organ malfunction), bilharziasis, illness cause by blood infection, snail feverschistosomiasis
(Medicine) mold used to hold a skin graft in place during healing; thin tube inserted into a tubular structure (e.g. a blood vessel) to hold it open or remove a blockagestent
(Medicine) presence of an excessive amount of fat in the blood (also lipaemia), excess of fat in bloodlipemia
(Medicine) sickle cell anemia, hereditary disease characterized by anemia resulting from defective hemoglobin production (causes deformed red blood cells, oxygen deficiency, and circulatory problems), sickle cell traitsicklemia
(Medicine) suffering from septicaemia, suffering from blood poisoning (also septicemic)septicaemic
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