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between Americasinter-American
African descendant born in Americas, cooked New Orleans stylecreole
America, N, S, and Central America, N. America, see also: United States, The United States; North America; South America; continents of North and South America, AmericasAmerica
America; United States of America; North America; South America; the Americas, American, americium; radioactive chemical element (Chemistry)Am
Amerigo Vespucci (1451-1512), Italian navigator and explorer in whose honor the Americas were namedVespucci
any of a family of shrubs or trees which produce resinous and aromatic substances (native to Asia and the Americas), storaxstyrax
any of several brightly colored birds from the family Trogonidae (native to tropical regions of the Americas), brightly colored tropical bird, see also:quetzaltrogon
Atlantic Ocean, of or pertaining to the Atlantic Ocean (ocean bordered by Europe and Africa in the east and the Americas in the west), of the Atlantic Ocean, West African language groupAtlantic
best in the United States, best U.S. athlete, made of U.S. components, of all the Americas, of or about the United States, team of best U.S. playersall-American
cockatrice, killing, fatal (glance or look); monstrous, legendary reptile, lizard related to iguana, reptile (snake, or dragon) which is able to kill with by its look or breath (Classical Mythology); large crested reptile of the tropical Americasbasilisk
cougar, species of large wild cat native to the Americas, mountain lionpuma
countries in the Western Hemisphere south of the United States were Romance languages are spoken (i.e. Spanish, Portuguese and French), the entire western hemisphere south of the United States, those countries of the Americas that developed from the co...Latin America
Europe and the AmericasWest
forest songbird of Americaswestern tanager
found in Europe and AmericasWestern
grassy plain in the Americas, large flat area of grassland where few trees grow (in the southwestern United States and in South America)llano
male first name; Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512), Italian navigator and explorer in whose honor the Americas were namedAmerigo
name given to the Americas during the time when they were first being explored and colonized by Europeans, see also:Old World, Western HemisphereNew World
naseberry, sapodilla fruit, sapota, species of evergreen tree native to tropical regions of the Americas (Botany), tropical evergreen treesapodilla
Pacific Ocean (located between the western Americas, Australia and Eastern Asia), largest ocean in the worldPac (pacific)
red edible berry-like fruit that grows on mountain ash (Sorbus) trees in Europe and the Americasrowanberry
United States of America; North America; South America; the AmericasAm. (America)
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