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bending of cells, mutual attraction between cells (Biology)cytotropism
(about a gland) secreting products formed by the breakdown of glandular cells, secreting own substanceholocrine
(about an organism) possessing stable genetic traits which are passed on to its offspring (Biology), having two identical geneshomozygous
(about parasitic fungi) moving from host to host during development (Biology), living on different hostsheteroecious
(American Slang) negro, black person, applying generally, of or pertaining to a class or kind; of a genus (Biology); of goods or medication sold without a brand name, generic drug, suitable for a broad range, with general namegeneric
(Anatomy) creation of a myelin sheath, development of a fatty substance which covers the axiom of nerve cellsmyelination
(Anatomy) having a myelin sheath, containing a fatty substance which covers the axiom of nerve cells, surrounded by myelin sheathmyelinated
(Anatomy) pertaining to osteoclasts (cells which absorb calcium from bone and cartilage)osteoclastic
(Anatomy) production of a myelin sheath, development of a fatty substance which covers the axiom of nerve cellsmyelinization
(Archaic) love, have great affection for; feel a passionate attraction tobelove
(Biology) absorbs dyes (about substances, cells, and tissues), (Biology) material that absorbs stains (about substances, cells and tissues)chromophil
(Biology) asexual; produced without sexual union, agamous, multiplying asexuallyagamic
(Biology) body of an organism (excluding reproductive cells), all body cells except germ cells, body as distinct from mind, intoxicating drink in Hindu scripture, plant soma is made fromsoma
(Biology) by mitosis (process of cell division resulting in two identical daughter cells)mitotically
(Biology) by the cytoplasm (protoplasm of the cell)cytoplasmically
(Biology) cell containing a double set of chromosomes arranged in homologous pairs within its nucleus (most cells in the body are diploids except gametes), with two matched chromosome setsdiploid
(Biology) cell or tissue which is easily stained with an acid dye; organism which grows well in an acid environment (also acidophile), (Biology) readily absorbs acid dyes; grows well in an acid environmentacidophil
(Biology) cell or tissue which is easily stained with an acid dye; organism which grows well in an acid environment, (Biology) readily absorbs acid dyes; grows well in an acid environmentacidophile
(Biology) cell which creates gametes, cell that produces reproductive cells, cell producing male or female cells, malaria organismgametocyte
(Biology) characterized by bilateral symmetry, with identical halveszygomorphic
(Biology) concerning photosynthesis, pertaining to the use of sunlight to produce carbohydrates (esp. in plants)photosynthetic
(Biology) condition of alternating sexual and asexual reproduction; state of hermaphroditism or alternating maleness and femaleness, periodic parasitismheterogony
(Biology) contained within a cell; below cellular level, inside a cell, on a smaller-than-cell scalesubcellular
(Biology) containing three or more times the normal number of chromosomes (about cells), cell that has three or more times the usual number of chromosomes (Biology), with multiple chromosomespolyploid
(Biology) dyed only by neutral dyes (about white blood cells)neutrophilic
(Biology) formation of spores; reproduction through spores, reproduction by spores, spore productionsporogenesis
(Biology) formation of the epithelium, formation of the layer of cells which lines bodily organs and surfacesepithelization
(Biology) from the point of view of immunology (study of the immune system)immunologically
(Biology) fusion of two cell nuclei (as in the nucleus of a sperm cell and an egg), cell fusionkaryogamy
(Biology) group of related families within an order or suborder; category of classification ranked below order and above family, taxonomic ranking between order and familysuperfamily
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