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anise, anise seed, anise seeds used as flavoring, seed from the anise (used as a seasoning)aniseed
(Biochemistry) type of aromatic amino acid which is essential to nutrition in animals (found in some leguminous plant seeds)tryptophan
(Botany) fleshy covering on some seeds, seed coveringaril
(Botany) type of cabbage cultivated for its seeds; summer rape (plant of the mustard family)colza
(Cooking) flavoring made from finely chopped vegetables and herbs with meat; mixture of finely chopped vegetables used as a bed for braised meatmirepoix
(Informal) monocotyledons, plant which has one cotyledon, plant with one seed leaves (Botany)monocot
(Slang) win, be victorious; defeat, beat; fail, be unsuccessful; cause failure, make unsuccessful, cheep, contagious poultry disease, make shrill noise, mark on playing card, minor ailment, rootstock or flower, section of pineapple skin, seed of fruit,...pip
a fruit of horse chestnut tree, horse chestnut wood, see also:conker, tree with large shiny brown seedshorse chestnut
a trademark for an alcoholic liquor with the flavor of anisePernod
able to develop, able to produce fruits or seeds, able to produce offspring, bearing offspring, fruitful; abundant, plentiful; inseminated; inseminating, capable of becoming fissile, creative, producing good crops, reproducing often, rich in plant nutr...fertile
acceleration of plant development by exposing seeds or bulbs to cold temperaturesvernalization
act of placing into the ground, sowing of seeds, inserting something without the knowledge of others; placing into the groundplanting
act of replacing seeds or vegetation into soil; act of secretly reinserting a spy or surveillance device; reestablishment; act of placing again, act of putting againreplantation
act of sowing seeds, act of planting seeds, producing seeds, bearing seedsseeding
add crystal to solution, descendants, drop seeds, encourage enterprise, fruit of grass plant, graded competitor, ovule of a plant; grain, kernel; sperm; source, origin; offspring, progeny; ranked player or competitor (Sports), plant or sow seeds; produ...seed
add sauce to food, enliven something, flavoring liquid for food, gravy, liquid condiment poured over food for extra flavor; something that spices, something that adds flavor; boldness, insolence (Slang); stewed and pureed fruit; vegetables served with ...sauce
addictive drug, addictive narcotic drug derived from poppy seeds and used medically to relieve severe pain, stupefying thingopium
adult female animal, adult female hog, mature female pig, channel for molten iron, hardened iron, introduce an idea, plant seed, plant seeds; scatter, disperse, spread thicklysow
African monkey, bore a hole with a drill, bore a hole; practice, train; sow seeds in rows, boring tool with drill, furrow for seeds, part of tool that bores holes, plant with drill, planted row of seeds, practice marching, predatory mollusk, repeated e...drill
African plant with edible seeds, pigeon pea seedpigeon pea
alveolus, part of blackberry, seed of a grape or berry (Botany); small fruits which grow in a cluster (Botany); small saclike formation found in certain glands (Anatomy), small glandular sacacinus
anise-flavored brandyraki
anise-flavored cookiebiscotto
aniseed, plant with licorice-flavored seeds, type of herbaceous plantanise
annual herb of western Asia and Europe that is used in medication and as a seasoning; seeds of the fenugreek plant that are used as a seasoning, aromatic seeds, Eurasian plantfenugreek
annual herb, caraway seed, white-flowered aromatic plant which produces seeds used as a seasoning and in medicinecaraway
annual legume grown in the southern USA for forage and soil improvement, black-eyed pea; edible seed of the cowpea plantcowpea
any of a number of plants in the balsam family having beautiful flowers and seed pods which burst open and scatter seeds when touched, busy Lizzie, low-growing many-flowered garden plantimpatiens
any of a number of small seed-eating songbirds, small songbirdfinch
any of a number of trees which produce white flowers and long thin seed pods, tree with heart-shaped leavescatalpa
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