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act of glorifying; praise; exaltation; worshipglorification
(Judaism) joyful recitation, song of praise, name given to the group of Psalms 113-118 which is recited and chanted during Jewish holidays (such as Passover, Shavuoth, Sukkoth and Rosh Hodesh)hallel
ability, be worthy of, be eligible for; deserve, facts of a case, good quality, spiritual credit, value, value; character or accomplishment that commends praise; excellence; state of being worthy of appreciationmerit
achievement or distinction, astounding beauty, awesome splendor, exaltation, expressing surprise, exult, rejoice, fame; honor; praise; splendor; beauty, halo, heaven, praise of deityglory
act of citing something, extract from work, official acknowledgment of merit, order to appear in court, quotation; official praise; summons to a court of law, reference to previous decision, use of precedentcitation
act of commending, praise, acclaim; citation, recognition of accomplishmentcommendation
act of raving, enthusiastic appraisal, extremely positive review or critique, enthusiastic praise, enthusiastic; of trend; of crazy or wild talk, give high praise, large-scale party, speak deliriously, talk frantically; rage, blow or crash violently (a...rave
act of saluting, firing guns as military honor, formally praise or honor somebody, gesture of respect, give formal sign of respect, greet somebody, raise the right hand to the right side of the forehead (as a sign of respect or acknowledgement); honor ...salute
act or gesture, congratulate somebody, expression of admiration, word of praise for someone, give something to somebody, respect, say something nice about someone, express admiration, say something nice to somebody, statement of praisecompliment
active in daytime, daily, of the day; of the daytime; active during the day (i.e. animals), every day, in the daytime, open only in daytime, see also:nocturnal, varying within a day, worship bookdiurnal
admirable, commendable, laudable, deserving praise, deserving compliments, deserving accoladespraiseworthy
admire fanatically, worship as idol, worship blindly, adore, venerate; worship as an idolidolize
admire, venerate, like very much, love deeply, worshipadore
admiring, expressing praise or admiration, freecomplimentary
adore, idolize, worship, glorify, venerate, raise to the level of a deity, make divinedeify
adoring, reverential; adored, revered, distinguished, showing worshipworshipful
adorn with laurels; honor publicly, praise, bay, bay tree, small evergreen tree with glossy green leaves; wreath of bay leaves used as a symbol of victory or distinction, crown with laurel, give somebody award, honor for achievement, Mediterranean ever...laurel
alleluia, cry of "hallelujah!", halleluiah, hymn of praise, interj. praise the Lord! (exclamation expressing joy, praise or gratitude), song of praise to God, song of thanksgiving; shout of joy, cry of thanks, used to express praise to God, used to exp...hallelujah
amount in a puff, breathe quickly, emit gas in short blasts, enlarged region on a chromosome, exaggerated praise or publicity, exhalation; short quick breath; emission of vapor (or smoke, etc.); fluffy hollow pastry; swelling, bulge, exhale; breathe; e...puff
animal worship, extreme devotion to animals, worship of animalszoolatry
approval, sanction; assent, consent; praise, expression of approval, official sanctionapprobation
approval, shout of approval, applause, praise; affirmative vote by cheers or applause, unopposed election win, vocal voteacclamation
award or honor, expression of praise, curved molding, knighting, public recognition, sign of praiseaccolade
belief in fetish, blind devotion, absurd unreasoning worship, obsessive attachment (Psychiatry), obsession with something, sexual arousal with fetishfetishism
biblical place of worship in Jerusalem, building for worship, glasses part, holy dwelling, loom part, meeting place, Mormon church, part of the head, shrine, synagogue; flattened region on either side of the forehead, special placetemple
blind devotion; worship of objects; obsessive attachment (Psychiatry)fetichism
bunch of flowers, nosegay; fragrance of a wine; compliment, praise, scent of winebouquet
burn incense; perfume; anger, enrage, provoke, irritate, fragrance, honor a god with incense, perfume with incense, praise, smoke or fragrance from incense, substance burned for its fragrant smell, substance which gives of a sweet smell when burned; sm...incense
burning; gleaming, luminous, radiant; passionate, fervent, enthusiastic, full of praise, reddish-gold, rosy, shining softly and steadilyglowing
celebrate, dance, joyful hymn, sing, sing Christmas songs, sing; sing Christmas carols; praise and glorify in song, song of praise, song of joycarol
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