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European Community treatyMaastricht Treaty
(Department of) Housing and Urban Development, Department of Housing and Urban Development; U.S. federal agency that deals with subsidized housing community planning and development of cities, heads-up display, Heads-Up Display; (in combat airplanes) g...HUD
(French) section at the bottom of a French newspaper page set apart for criticism or literature or the like; short literary essay or article, part of European newspaper, something in feuilletonfeuilleton
(Louis-Joseph de) general of French armed forces in Canada (1756-59); last name, surname; name of several European and North American citiesMontcalm
15C N European intellectual movementNorthern Renaissance
16th-17th century European style (of art, music and architecture) which was characterized by elaborate ornamentationbaroque
19C European allianceHoly Alliance
19thC community in MassachusettsBrook Farm
5th note of scale, chord based on 5th note, controlling, commanding, fifth, fifth note of the scale (Music), in control, more important, preponderant in a community or period, producing same characteristic in offspring, relating to 5th note of scaledominant
a trademark for an organization whose members welcome newcomers to a neighborhood, distribute small gifts, give information about the community, and offer samples of locally available merchandiseWelcome Wagon
A treaty adopted by the United Nations aimed at eliminating international trade barriers between member countries.General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
a union of western European countries, established in 1960 to eliminate trade tariffs between member states (EFTA)European Free Trade Association
abduct somebody, abduction, act of physically forcing another person to have sexual intercourse; refuse of grapes left after the extraction of the juice in winemaking; European plant of the mustard family; despoiling, plundering, colza, force somebody ...rape
Aboriginal communityFirst Nation
academia, academic environment, academic community; school; one who prefers an academic environment, one who has scholarly leanings (especially a teacher or student), academic institutionacademe
acceptance into a community, combination, equal access for all, mathematical operation, merging, joining; unification into a whole; abolition of segregation, act of bringing people together as equals regardless of race or religion, organization of pers...integration
acceptance of treaty, addition to collection, arrival, attainment; act of coming into high office, succession, assent, catalog additions to collection, increase to property, right to increase in property, sudden mood, taking up positionaccession
aconite, poisonous N European plant, poisonous plant with hooded blue flowers from which the drug aconite is producedmonkshood
actively interested in community needscivic-minded
administrative area in Louisiana, congregation, community; flock; region, district with own church, people of parishparish
adopting the characteristics of North American or European culture ideas and forms of governmentwesternization
advantageous position, be on a perch, branch; position, standing; safe place; type of spiny fish found in European and North American waters, freshwater fish, inspection frame, lay an item on a perch, peg to hang things, place for bird to sit, pole, pu...perch
advocate of collective way of living, member of a communist group or community; advocate of communist ideas, one who supports common ownership of property, of communitarianscommunitarian
advocate of European union, of European origin, of or pertaining to Europe, of the European Union, one of European origin, resident of Europe, somebody from EuropeEuropean
affiliate something, connect through marriage, join in mutually supportive association, make a pact with -, join with -, member of a pact, member of a treaty, member of a formal agreement, member of alliance, related organismally
African rodent, European and Middle Eastern rodentmole rat
agency providing social services, service for welfare of communitysocial service
agree, concur; enter office; become party to an agreement, assent, come to power, sign treatyaccede
agreement, harmony, peaceful state; treaty, peace treaty, peaceful coexistence, pleasing combination of soundsconcord
American civil rights organization founded in 1957 by the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr and other leaders of the black communitySCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference)
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European Community treaty தாய்மை; மகப்பேறு redintegration கணினி எண்முறைக் கட்டுப்பாடு vivipare உரிய சரியான காலத்திற்குள் மீளப் பெறுதல் (Biblical) name of God in the Old Testament; one of the modern Christian names of God I too am in Arcadia (a tomb inscription) (Virology) type of virus from the retrovirus family which causes progressive and often fatal diseases affecting many organs in humans and animals (the HIV virus is a lentivirus), slow virus (Hinduism and Jainism) being set free from the cycle of reincarnation; transcendental state arrived at by being set free from this cycle, release from rebirth nature has appointed neither him nor me, nor anyone, lord of this land in perpetuity. That one has ejected us; either some villainy or quirk at law, at any rate, an heir surviving him, will at last eject him (Horace) Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders have labored in vain. Unless the Lord guards the city, those who guard need not be vigilant (Psalm 126:1) to consider to be inevitable, to consider to be reasonable tomodachidzukiai the whole family, the whole house by a sideway; indirectly; in a roundabout way; beating about the bush. let us refrain from doing ill; for one powerful reason, lest our children should follow our crimes; we are all too prone to imitate whatever is base and depraved (Juvenal) a sound made by snoring, breathe noisily in sleep, hoarse harsh sound made while sleeping, make a hoarse sound in the throat while sleeping (Chemistry) acid phosphate, mixture containing calcium acid phosphate and calcium sulfate (mainly used as an agricultural fertilizer) develop gradually, develop via evolutionary change, gradually change or mature over time; be developed, be changed, emit heat or gas போதிய; மிகுதியான; தாராளமான; பேரளவான dogodzić sobie; pofolgować sobie; pozwolić sobie tightly, squeaking to drive smb. to extremity; to reduce smb. to despair. satisfactory அடிப்படை அளவு மட்டம் (fam.) to take it easy; not to kill oneself with work; not to overwork oneself. about...; as (relates) to...; as regards...; concerning...; asfaras... is concerned; with respect/regard to...; in regard of/with...; in/with relation to...; respecting...; as respects...; on the subject of...; vis-a-vis... இத்டன் மேலே சுட்டப்பட்ட கடிதத்தின் படி அனுப்பப்பட்டுள்ளது (British) tiny plastic or wood piece (red or black) used in checkers, diversify with color, variegate; mark like a checkerboard (also checker) அட்டவனை, நோய் நிலைக்குறிப்பபேடு raspoložive (saying) sth is well worth doing; have a bright future (about animals) requiring little parental care, able to move about and function almost entirely independently upon birth (Zoology), independent at birth இடையான குழாய் வாயில் (இரண்டாங்குழாய் வாயில்) defaming siyentipiko முன் குறிப்பிட்ட அறிக்கை act of forcefully taking possession of an area, seizure; conquest; possession or settlement of land, act of occupying, activity, invasion, job, profession, vocation; employment; business; work, time of occupying يطوف فى مدينة يستطلع اخبار الاصطبلات او يتجسس على تمارين سباق الخيل لاغراض متصلة بالمراهنة يزود بمعلومات سرية يستفاد منها فى المراهنة அழகுணர்ச்சி பற்றிய கருத்து சதி செய்தல், சுமுகமான செயல் பீப்பாவடிவப்பரம்பல் to allay upravljačko računovodstvo (računovodstvo usmjereno na obradu poslovnih podataka i pripremu financijskih izvješća za interne korisnike) claiming etc. v. revendica; claim; demand ஆழம் காணும் ஒலிக்கருவி rachitic; rickety அபெக்குபொத்துலாந்தர்வலுவளவுவிதி (Medicine) voice-controlled robotic system which holds and maneuvers an endoscope during surgical procedures (manufactured by Computer Motion Inc.), AESOP