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(trademark) stretchy polyurethane fabric used in sports clothinglycra
(about clothing or fabric) unshrinkable, shrunk beforehand in order to prevent later shrinkage in the laundry, already shrunkpreshrunk
(about hair, clothing, etc.) wear loosely, let fall in disorder; disarrange, make untidy, mess something up, muss clothes or hairdishevel
(British trademark) brand name of a ball point pen (comparable to Bic in American English)Biro
(British) apron, pinafore; smock worn over clothing to protect it from becoming soiled (term used by children)pinny
(British) clean with a vacuum cleaner (trademark), (British) vacuum cleaner (trademark)hoover
(Fe) metallic element (Chemistry); device used to remove wrinkles from fabric; items made from iron metal, `:Fe, clothes presser, computer hardware, cover with iron, fetter prisoner, handgun, harsh character, heated tool, made of iron, resembling iron,...iron
(of fabric) wavy, watery (French), moiré, moiré fabric, silky or rayon-like fabric that is imprinted with a wavy designmoire
(registered trademark of Nimbus Communications International) surround-sound systemambisonics®
(Slang) lefty, left-handed person; person who throws or punches with the left hand (Sports), somebody left-handedsouthpaw
(Sports) act of kicking a ball which is held in one place on the ground, kick or score from place kickplacekick
(Sports) area which is directly in front of the goal (in soccer, hockey), area in front of the goalgoalmouth
(Sports) British form of handball (played on a court with a front wall and walls on the sides); racket game that resembles squash: (Medicine) disease of the glands under the ear in horsesfives
(Sports) catcher positioned in the field (Baseball, Cricket)fieldsman
(Sports) one who scores a point or goal; one who keeps track of the score of a game, cutting device, scorekeeper, somebody scoring point, somebody scoring points in an examscorer
(Sports) player who can play well in two different positions (esp. as a forward and guard in basketball), player capable of performing different positionsswingman
(Sports) to pitch a ball outside of the area of the plate to prevent a base runner stealing a base (Baseball); lateral underhand pass from a quarterback to a running back (American football), lateral pass behind line of scrimmage, pitch out of strike zonepitchout
(Sports) type of ball game, variety of football in which players must advance to the goal without passing the ball forward (kicking and backwards or lateral passes are permitted)rugby
(trademark) a collapsible tube having an attached hypodermic needle containing a single dose of medicine (Medicine)syrette
(Trademark) a strong rust resistant stretchable nickel-copper alloy, a trademark for a corrosion-resistant alloy of nickel and copper with some iron, manganese, and aluminumMonel
(Trademark) alloy of aluminiumduralumin
(trademark) brand of ibuprofen medication used to relieve pain and reduce fever or inflammation (produced by Whitehall-Robins Healthcare)Advil
(trademark) personal organizerFilofax
(trademark) synthetic polyester material used in textile fabricsTerylene
(trademark) transparent and sticky tapeSellotape
(trademark) type of loudspeaker systemTannoy
, , rubber shoe, sports shoe; one who sneaks, one who moves about stealthily; one who acts furtively, tennis shoesneaker
3-pointed, of a tricuspid valve or tooth, part with three cusps, tricuspidal, tricuspidate, twilled fabric//tricuspidtricotine
7 1/2 minute playing period in a polo (Sports), chukka, period of play in polochukker
a large amphitheater in Rome, Italy, built in the 1st century AD for sports and entertainment, ancient amphitheater in RomeColosseum
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