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(Slang) confusion, lack of ordercobwebs
(about a man) physically attractive, having a well-formed body (Slang), OK, good, satisfactory; equal, balanced (Slang), with good physiquehunky
(about clothing or fabric) unshrinkable, shrunk beforehand in order to prevent later shrinkage in the laundry, already shrunkpreshrunk
(American Slang) negro, black person, applying generally, of or pertaining to a class or kind; of a genus (Biology); of goods or medication sold without a brand name, generic drug, suitable for a broad range, with general namegeneric
(American Slang) penis; womandang
(Architecture) ornamental bracket under a Corinthian column, a bracket in Corinthian ordermodillion
(Australian Slang) elderly person; geriatric persongerry
(Australian slang) mongrelmong
(Australian Slang) work breaksmoko
(Biology) group of related families within an order or suborder; category of classification ranked below order and above family, taxonomic ranking between order and familysuperfamily
(Botany) an order of plants; moss which has leafy gametophytesMusci
(Botany) plant of the genus mentha (genus of fragrant herbs including peppermint, spearmint, and horsemint, etc.); hard or soft mint-flavored candy; factory where money is produced; gold mine (Slang), in perfect condition, invent, make coins, print
(British slang) appetizing, arousing the appetitemoreish
(British slang) babysprog
(British Slang) boss; father (informal term and term of address used in the past by upper-class young men for their fathers)guvnor
(British slang) cafe, dinercaff
(British slang) cigarette; cigarette buttciggy
(British slang) cookie, biscuit, small sweet cake which is baked on flat pansbickie
(British Slang) criminal, prisoner, ex-convict; prison time, decide the order of play, fall behind compared with others, fail to keep up with the established pace, straggle; develop slowly; linger, tarry; slacken, flag, weaken; imprison (British Slang)...lag
(British slang) dessert; course that comes after the main mealafters
(British slang) diligent student; hard-worker, (British slang) work hard; study diligently, swatswot
(British Slang) disparaging nickname for a sailor or a seaman (used by those who live or work on land)jacky
(British Slang) distorted person, stupid person, lie about something to somebodygonk
(British Slang) fool; sexual intercourse; overly feminine man, (Slang) kick hardtonk
(British Slang) foreigner who starts to learn tailoring or shoemaking upon arriving to Englandgreener
(British Slang) idiot, stupid person, dopeberk
(British Slang) lucky; easy, sticky with jamjammy
(British slang) oaf, simpletonwally
(British slang) proud, self-satisfied, pleasedchuffed
(British slang) pussycatmoggy
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(Slang) confusion, lack of order bad behavior audible release of breath, explosion 國立 [guo-li] freigeben, Zuordnung aufheben, die Zuordnung aufheben auction with gradually decreasing prices attracting attention Neoinstinctivism attention to propriety, ceremony; procedure; accepted custom; stiffness; conventionality; strictness, formalness, necessary but insignificant procedure, official procedure zdolny soft, tender, limp, subdued (colour or light) (color), gentle, meek ashamed, humiliated každodennost area that is smooth or slippery; floating film of oil; magazine printed on shiny paper (Informal), crafty, expensive magazine, glib, glossy magazine, in a smooth manner, cleverly, make smooth and glossy, make sleek; make tidy, spruce up (Informal), mak... činiti archaic oath մեթիլգուանիդին julkinen rahoitus, julkinen talous any of a number of small seed-eating songbirds, small songbird appliance for cooking, stove, oven (for cooking or baking); device in which food is cooked (pot, pressure cooker, etc.) any body cell except germ cells amount that wind speed varies ammunition used in firearm, cartridge, ammunition for a gun; round character put at the beginning of a paragraph for emphasis (Computers), fast ball, repayment of loan allowing light for photosynthesis absence of teeth, lack of teeth systems flow chard adequate, approved of, satisfactory, worthy of acceptance; admissible, suitable; bearable, tolerable, welcome Laura bath act of secluding, condition of being secluded, isolation, solitude; act of secluding; secluded place, isolated or private place acid - base indicator, blue coloring substance extracted from lichens which turns red in acids and is restored to blue in alkalis (used as a chemical indicator) abstract collage a large amount of, much `:Te, rare crystalline element (Chemistry), semimetallic element prostate `:T, crystalline substance derived from thymus DNA and used in medicine, DNA component `:D, unit for measuring lens power, unit of measure of the refractive power of a lens (Optics) Nero Claudius Caesar (37-68, born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus), Roman emperor in the years 54-68 A.D. N American conifer, swamp cypress, wood of bald cypress Japanese massage technique in which pressure is applied to specific areas of the body Japanese method of self-defense which does not use weapons (also Karate) Cytherea, goddess of beauty and love (Greek Mythology), Greek goddess of love, Venus Bronislava Nijinsky (1891-1972), Russian-born choreographer of classical ballet who worked mostly in the USA from 1938 Belarus, former Soviet republic which gained its independence in 1991 (also White Russia or Belarus) Asian and Pacific business region heretic American corporation headquartered in New Jersey, manufacturer of computer telephony and telecommunications technologies (symbol) muW, one millionth of watt (also known as Mosel) region in northeastern France; river flowing through through France Luxembourg and Germany; type of dry white wine, German white wine (Medicine) perform surgery with a small circular saw for cutting circular discs of bone, remove a circle of bone or tissue, small circular saw for cutting circular discs of bone (Medicine), surgical instrument