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(Poetry) verse conisisting of one metrical foot or dipodymonometer
(about horses) having an abnormal bony growth on the footringboned
(Anatomy) hand, forelimb including the hand or foot (Latin), wrist and handmanus
(Greek Mythology) sun god and patron of music and poetry, son of Zeus and Leto, brother of Artemis (commonly known as Apollo)Apollon
(Military) ground troops, soldiers who fight on foot; branch of the military made up of foot soldiersinfantry
(new zealand) hike in bush, cover distance on foot, crush something underfoot, heavy step, live as vagrant, long journey on foot, metal plate on boot, offensive term, part of spade for foot, sound of feet, tramp steamer, tread heavily, walk, trek; begg...tramp
(Poetry) containing anapaests (foot consisting of two short syllables followed by one long)anapestic
(Poetry) foot consisting of two syllables (the first syllable is long and the second short or the first syllable is stressed and the second unstressed), iambiambus
(Poetry) having one strophe (first of a pair of stanzas)monostrophic
(Poetry) iambus, foot consisting of two syllables (the first syllable is long and the second short or the first syllable is stressed and the second unstressed), iambic, rhythm unit in poetryiamb
(Poetry) iambus, foot consisting of two syllables (the first syllable is long and the second short or the first syllable is stressed and the second unstressed); verse composed of iambic feet, of or pertaining to or composed of iambics (poetic foot cons...iambic
(Prose) incomplete line, unusually short line; one half of a verse or line (of text), half line of poetryhemistich
(symbol) ", amount of rain or snow, island, move along very slowly, creep, edge, move slowly, small amount, unit of atmospheric pressure, unit of length, unit of measurement, 1/12 of a foot (equal to 2.54 cm); little bit, iotainch
(William Topaz) poet renowned as the writer of the worst poetry in the English language (1825 - 1902)McGonagall
2-line unit of classical poetryelegiac couplet
2-syllable metric foot, see also:iamb, trochaic, two-syllable metric foot in poetry accented on first syllabletrochee
4-line unit of poetryelegiac stanza
4-line unit of poetryheroic quatrain
4-line verse form for hymns, common measurecommon meter
4-syllable metrical footpaeon
4-syllable poetic foot, poetic foot of verse used in lyric poetry having two unstressed syllables flanked by the two rhythmic stresses marking the first and last syllables of the footchoriamb
7 years, containing 7, group of 7, group of seven items; period of seven years; number 7, line of verse containing 7 feet, pertaining to the number 7; of a period of seven years; occurring every seven years; comprising a group of seven items, relating ...septenary
abnormal condition in which the feet are flat and turned outward; flat foot which turns outward, outwardly turned foot, outspread foot, see also:flatfootsplayfoot
abnormally turned in, characterized by an abnormal turning inward of a bone from the middle of the body (especially a knee or foot)varus
about an epic, epic poetry, large-scale production, like an epic, long narrative poem, long narrative poem; composition which resembles an epic; epic poetry, long series of events, pertaining to a long narrative poem which tells of the adventures and f...epic
above the topgallant, enjoying royal patronage, excellent, extremely bad, largest or best, member of the royal house; small sail on the royalmast; paper size; upper branch of an antler; English coin (Archaic); member of the foot troop of the British ar...royal
absence of syllable in last footcatalexis
abstain, forebear, restrain oneself, desist, chorus, hold self back, melody, recurring piece of verse, something repeated often, verse or phrase that is repeated during a song or poem, chorus; music or melody that accompanies the chorusrefrain
absurd humorous poetry, nonsensenonsense verse
accent, accent in music, cause of strain, emphasis in poetry, emphasis on syllable, importance; accent, emphasis placed on a syllable of a word; strain, tension, pressure; condition caused by physical or emotional strain, emphasize something, force def...stress
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(Poetry) verse conisisting of one metrical foot or dipody உரிமையியல் விதித்தொகுப்பு արագազարկություն պարոքսիզմալ comunal roughing hammer பெற்றவியல்புகளின் தலைமுறையுரிமை ability to remember, ability to recall; degree of ease with which something can be remembered odkrytí மின்கடத்துதிறனறிகலம், மின்கடத்தல் அளவீட்டுக்கலம், மின்கடத்து கலம் plump உட்கோட்டம் / உட பிரிவு, உட் கடை الإيجاد அமைதிக்கான ஒப்பந்த விதிகள் கடமைக்கோட்டுப்படம் அதிகாரச் செருக்குள்ள குழு ров all things will be clear and distinct to the man who does not hurry; haste is blind and improvident (Livy) perpetual curate to be/to look crest-fallen; to come down a peg or two; to feel ashamed; v. şi a o lăsa mai moale 2. a lăsa natura să-şi urmeze cursul (ei firesc) to let things take their course. Fluter செலவுப் பட்டி; விலை மதிப்புப் பட்டி ancestral spirit, collective of ancestral spirits which have lost their individualities; ancestor deified as a kami, spirit of a kami (food) red paper restaurant lantern; cheap eating and drinking place (W) bright-gray rare metallic element having a high melting point and used in alloys of metal(Chemistry); element found in electric lamp filaments and high-speed cutting tools, `:W (Linguistics) repetition of a word or phrase at the start of successive phrases (usually for emphasis), part of Communion, referring back, repetition for effect lentovuoro இயல்பு மீறிய வளர்ச்சி ; இயல்புக்கு மீறிய வளர்ச்சி ; வழக்கத்தில்லாத வளர்ச்சி. (எ.டு) புற்றுநோய் bez środków do życia (1) Parts of stockreturns not explained by the explanatory variable (the market-index return). They measure the impact of firm-specific events during a particular period. (2) Remainder cash flows generated by pool collateral and those needed to fund bo... proeminenţă; ieşind; dinte; opritor; ştift; pivot; camă; mâner; ureche; inel de prindere ஈருறுதி நிலைச்சுற்று to detest, to abhor ஊடுகதிர்ப் படம்; ஊடுகதிர் přímá linka Ум, образующий мысли посредством анализа الطالية : اللغة الهولندية الجنوبأفريقية amortizor; (cstr) amortizor de zgomot; (el) atenuator; (OM) amortizor, clapetă; (met) registru de coş, şuber; (el, c) surdină; (TH) amortizor, umezitor, vană de aer (de combustie); (met) registru de ventilaţie / de coş; dispozitiv de climatizare add a subtitle to; provide with subtitles, caption for foreign-language movie, caption in silent movie, insert title, intertitle, lesser title, provide subtitles for, secondary title appearing below the main title; translation of a foreign-language fil... Mariinski-Theater (u.E.) (S) תיריפש special localities allowance சுற்றுப் பட்டை; கட்டு; குழு (Judaism) joyful recitation, song of praise, name given to the group of Psalms 113-118 which is recited and chanted during Jewish holidays (such as Passover, Shavuoth, Sukkoth and Rosh Hodesh) கூட்டமைப்பு, கூட்டுப் பொருள், பகுதிகள், சேர்மம் knight of the Round Table, rescuer; honorable person; legendary knight from the time of King Arthur, somebody who acts nobly குரோனாமீட்டர் [கடிகாரம்] slučovat leveling கட்டுப்பாட்டுத் தரவு அடுக்கு அடர்த்தி