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(British) oversee an examination taken by candidates, proctorinvigilate
(1650-1702) British doctor who was famous for his research on bone structure and after whom Haversian canals were namedClopton Havers
(1870-1916) British short story author; last name; group of hills in Scotland (named after Sir Hugh Munro)Munro
(Archaic) strong, intoxicating, alcoholic (drink); slightly drunk, slightly intoxicated, deep bowl for food; bib or napkin for a baby; (British) diapernappy
(British Informal) boss, chief, person in charge; person with supreme skills or knowledge in a particular fieldsupremo
(British slang) appetizing, arousing the appetitemoreish
(British slang) babysprog
(British Slang) boss; father (informal term and term of address used in the past by upper-class young men for their fathers)guvnor
(British slang) cafe, dinercaff
(British slang) cigarette; cigarette buttciggy
(British slang) cookie, biscuit, small sweet cake which is baked on flat pansbickie
(British Slang) criminal, prisoner, ex-convict; prison time, decide the order of play, fall behind compared with others, fail to keep up with the established pace, straggle; develop slowly; linger, tarry; slacken, flag, weaken; imprison (British Slang)...lag
(British slang) dessert; course that comes after the main mealafters
(British slang) diligent student; hard-worker, (British slang) work hard; study diligently, swatswot
(British Slang) disparaging nickname for a sailor or a seaman (used by those who live or work on land)jacky
(British Slang) distorted person, stupid person, lie about something to somebodygonk
(British Slang) fool; sexual intercourse; overly feminine man, (Slang) kick hardtonk
(British Slang) foreigner who starts to learn tailoring or shoemaking upon arriving to Englandgreener
(British Slang) idiot, stupid person, dopeberk
(British Slang) lucky; easy, sticky with jamjammy
(British slang) oaf, simpletonwally
(British slang) proud, self-satisfied, pleasedchuffed
(British slang) pussycatmoggy
(British slang) rugby, type of ball game, variety of football in which players must advance to the goal without passing the ball forward (kicking and backwards or lateral passes are permitted)rugger
(British slang) sailor of low rank; seaman; stupid personerk
(British slang) shocked, amazed, dumbfoundedgobsmacked
(British Slang) something vey smalltiddler
(British Slang) somewhat drunk, tipsy; little, smalltiddly
(British Slang) stupid, dumb, unintelligent; clumsy, ungainly, ungracefulgaumless
(British Slang) transistor radiotranny
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(British) oversee an examination taken by candidates, proctor இயங்கு கடைத் தட்டு, உணர்ப்பிக் கடைத்தட்டு a yoke of oxen அணிவகுத்துச் செல்; முன்னேறு grant them eternal rest, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine on them (from the Catholic Mass for the Dead) projekt (10th century BC) King of Israel who was renowned for his wisdom, son of King David (Biblical); male first name; family name, wise person closed hand; hand (Slang); handwriting (Slang) agent that destroys bacteria, kills bacteria, working against infectious diseases, type of medication used to treat infectious diseases, working as an antibiotic such and such, What?, What is the matter?, What are the items? Непреднамеренное воспоминание genital pouch attended by bloodshed, bloodstained, covered in blood; violent and bloody, horrible குழம்பாக்குங் கருவி بائع الأدوية المزيفة بطريق الإقناع والحيلة مشعوذ ، دجال செயல்படு கட்டுப்பாட்டுத் தொழில் நுட்பம் häviöllinen audio codec joka on täysin ilmainen ja lisenssimaksuton (avoimen lähdekoodin projekti) ja jonka äänenlaatu on parempi kuin MP3:n samaa bitratea käyttäessä உயிர்ப்புத் தண்டவாளம் (கடன்தீர்த்தலை) தள்ளி வைத்தல் / இடைநிறுத்துக் காலம் நொண்டுத் திட்டம் (செலாவணி முறை) ականջաքիթկոկորդաբանական նորագոյացություններ فضل ، زيادة عن الحاجة وفرة ، غزارة اسهاب، اطناب = حشو (as) dark as midnight/night/pitch; pitch dark(ness)/black; (as) black as pitch/hell/(fam.) my hat; as your hat. இடு பெயர்த் தொகுதி; சொல் வழக்கு; வழக்காற்றுச் சொல் hoaxer அசைவாளி எல்லைப்புரியாணி (பொறிப்பகுதி) nihil quod tetigit non ornavit Коллективист, сторонник коллективизма பழுது காப்பமை அமைப்பு ordeal அந்தோசயனினிறப்பொருள் Разумный, благоразумный, рассудительный; имеющий мыслительные способности; умеренный, приемлемый, допустимый அச்சுக் கோக்கும் எந்திரம் அச்சு ஆமேச்சர் அஞ்சல் antihiukkanen, vastahiukkanen (hiukkanen jolla on sama lepomassa kuin vastaavalla hiukkasella mutta jonka muut ominaisuudet ovat vastakkaisia) (hiukkasen ja antihiukkasen kohdatessa ne annihiloituvat) (comp) (computer) monitor; consumer who comments on products, television programs, etc. (programmes); (comp) program or utility that monitors a program or activity I believe in one God, the omnipotent Father, maker of heaven and the earth, and of all things visible and invisible (from the Catholic Mass) adjusting shim இசைவு; விடுப்பு; செல்விடை; நீங்கு; போ; அகல்; கைவிடு; வை; இருக்க விடு to be unwell; not to feel well; to be poorly; to feel shaky/ (fam.) wobbly; to be not quite the thing; not to feel at all the thing; v. şi a se - prost. to reach an agreement/an arrangement with smb.; to make/to arrange a settlement with smb.; to come to terms/to make with smb. a trifle; a trifling matter; amer. a hill of beans. (fam.) to have little disposition/inclination to...; not feel like (cu -ing.). اِسْتِبْيان; اِسْتِجْلاء; اِسْتِجْواب; اِسْتِطْلاع; رَوْد; رِيَادَة act of fixing, correction, act of mending, act of going somewhere, atone for something, condition of something, fix or mend something, correct a problem or malfunction, go somewhere, job of mending something, meeting place, repaired item, restore relat... acedia (książk.); apatia; letarg; nirwana; obojętność; senność செயற்கையான; போலியான உடைந்த காசநோய் நிணநீர்க் கட்ட, காச நோய் சீழ்க்கட்டிப்புரை leave behind இரைப்பைக் குடல் வலி நீக்கி, இ்ரைப்பைக் குடல் காற்று நீக்கி